Brought Together As One (Harry Styles Love Story)

Lets just say they were brought together as one


5. The Ruined Date

Cassidy's pov
   I woke up and realized that my date with Harry was all a dream, my date is today. But dayumm I can make pretty good dreams.
    As I reach for my IPhone to check twitter I stop myself and decide to wake up Stac and Eli (Stacy & Elizabeth that's there nicknames and Cassidy's is Cass) " Hey NIALL & LIAM HOW YA DOIN'!" I yell purposely to see what will happen.
" Whagoioooodnwndjdjhww." Stac muffles into the pillow.
" NIALL & LIAM ARE HERE. Woomf" Eli says as she falls off the bed. I burst out laughing until I realize how mad they are.
" We are gonna KILL YOU!!!" They yell in unison. I just stand there trying to hold in my laughter with a 'what did I do' face, until I get a text from Harry. 
   From HazzatheSexyBeast
Hey babe I'll be there in bout an hour ok?
   From Me
Oh ok so it's 1:30 and The date starts at 2:30 ok. My hotel number is floor 15 room 209.
   From HazzatheSexyBeast
U just woke up haha ok well get ready
   From Me 

  I ran to the bathroom before Stac beat me to it and went in.
" I won't be long!" You better not be.
Stacy's pov
I went to the bathroom to change Cass's shampoo to a light pretty pink hair dye. I know she'll kill me but she'll like no LOVE IT! I finished and got out for Cass to do her thang.
Cass's pov
I stripped down and ran to the shower but ended up slipping. Who cares so I just went and took a shower. As I put on my shampoo it smelled funny but it just might be Stacey's. As I finished I dried up and changed into short shorts and a coral sheer top. I walked to the mirror and started doing my light pink ha- LIGHT PINK HAIR!!!
" STACEYYYY!!!!!" I yelled pissed off even though it looks pretty. 
"Come here!" I yelled as I opened the door.( BTW she already changed).
Eli an her burst out laughing while I said, "It doesn't look half bad. But I'm gonna kill you." I shut the door an decided to crimp my hair (or make it wavy). I applied my makeup and as I put on my shoes Harry came. 
"Hey baaaaabe!" He said stretching the a as his eyes rolled down to my boobs.
"Eyes up here pretty boy." I said lifting up his chin. 
He smirked and linked arms with me.
"Come on let's gooo!" He said. I just nodded and off we went.
Harry's pov
Can she stop being so damn cute. I walked her out of the hotel when we got surrounded by fans and paps.
"Follow my lead and don't listen to the paps or fans." She nodded.
    We blocked the fans when We walked to the limo I turned to tell Cass something. Wait that's not Cass," WHO THE HELL ARE U!" 
"I'm your girlfriend Brooke." She said smirking. I started running back to the fans knowing that they have Cass. 'Brooke' was chasing me,"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!"
"Now that's not a way to speak to your girlfriend is it?"
I yelled trying to go through the fans.
"Cass where are you!"
"On the ground near the hotel door." I heard a faint whisper say. I ran to her as soon as I spotted her. She was crying and her makeup was dripping.
"Shh shh it's okay babe. Here lets go inside the hotel invite the boys over and have a movie day with you me the boys Eli and Stac ok?" I asked.
"O o ok." She stuttered. As we walked back to the hotel room I was running circles in her back when I started playing with her pink HAIR?
"Uh huh." 
"When did u get pink hair?"
"Ha well yo-o se-e" And then she tells the story about this morning.
"Wow, but you look cute."
She blushed and tried to smile but failed cause she was still crying a little. When we got to the hotel room we called the boys and they said their on their way and their bringing food, drinks, and the girls are getting the movies while I cheer up Cass.

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