Brought Together As One (Harry Styles Love Story)

Lets just say they were brought together as one


4. The Date

 Cassidy's pov
On the way to the hotel I wouldn't stop fangirling. Ahh! I can't wait for our date," HARRY NEVER TOLD ME WHEN OUR DATE IS" I yelled making Elizabeth stop the car,"What the heck Cass!" "Oops sorry!" I whisper yelled. I wanted to  ask Harry when our date is but I didn't want to sound to eager, oh what the hell! I thought.
Cassidy-C Harry-H
C-Hey Harry I was just wondering when our date is but I didn't want to sound to eager.
When I pressed send and reread what I typed I immediately did a mental face palm.
H- Oh no u don't sound eager at all luv it's my fault anyway for not telling u when our date is. But how about tomorrow at 2:00 if that's fine for u?
C- That's perfect!!!
H- Great! Wear something sexy but casual.
C-Whatever but where are we going?!?!
H- Can't tell its a surprise!
C- Please tell me I'll do anything!
"Cass where at our hotel get out! Who are u texting?!?!"Elizabeth and Stacy asked in unison
"No one I'm coming ok?"
C- Ok fine whatever gtg my friends are bugging me
H- Oh I didn't catch their names?
C- Their names are Stacy and Elizabeth
H- Ok cool Byeeeee
After u texted Harry I ran up to our room. I checked the time 12:32. Aww Shit I'm dead meat!
Elizabeth's pov
Where the hell is she!!!! I'm gonna kill her! " Sorry I was late guys I was texting Harry." Cassidy said interrupting my thoughts."REALLY WE TOLD U TO COME 30 MINUTES AGO!"Stacy yelled finally taking her face off her phone. " I said I'm sorry god!" She said before she went into the bathroom to change. I'm going to sleep I'm exhausted!
Stacy's pov
Wow no one can use their phone in silence with them! I'm so happy, the concert was amayZAYN and me and Niall exchanged numbers! And Niall is so fine! He pecked my check I'm silently fangirling right now. Im surprised that I actually kept my cool backstage. I think Niall might fancy me. The concert was exhausting I laid my head on my my pillow and fell asleep instantly.
                   ~Next Morning~ 
Cassidy's pov
When I woke up I couldn't find Stacy or Elizabeth. Where the hell are they!
Im way to lazy and tired to actually care about where they are. I'm gonna watch  Family Guy. While i was watching I heard Stacy ringtone," Bitches ain't shit and they ain't seen nothing!"
S:Chilax! Where at Starbucks downstairs. Do you want something?
C- Ya sure I'll have a caramel frap those cinnamon coffee cakes and a double chocolate chip brownie an a small hot cocoa please.
S-Dang u eat a lot 
She told Elizabeth my order and I heard her say," That girl can eat!" 
"Shut up! So when will y'all be back I mean I can go down there and we can eat there?
S- Ok that perfect.
C-Be there in 5.
And with that I hung up. I quickly changed into short shorts and a One Direction despicable me minions crop top and I put my hair into a messy bun and left. When I got to Starbucks Stacy and Elizabeth were there sitting at a table with a bunch if food." Wow you guys eat a lot!"I exclaimed." This is mostly your food! Here see how much u have." Elizabeth said handing me my food. I just chuckled and ate. By the time I was done eating it was 12:15pm."Shit!" I mumbled under my breath. "What's wrong?!?!" They asked in unison." My dates in 2 hours!" I yelled causing people to stare at us. I started running to the elevator with Stacy and Elizabeth on my tail. I got to the elevator with Stacy and Elizabeth. They were trying to make small talk but it wasn't working. When I heard a ding I looked up from my phone and fan to the room. I tried opening the door but then I remembered that I forgot our room card inside SHIT! But then Stacy came up and opened that door with her card. Thank god! I was running inside when I tripped and landed on my back with everything in my hands went flying around. Stacy and Elizabeth were on the floor laughing." Shut upppp it's not funny!" I yelled jokingly. But then Elizabeth decided to say," Ya Stacy it's not funny! IT'S HILARIOUS!!!" They were crying cause they were laughing so much. I just ignored them and went to the bathroom to change. I changed into whit floral short shorts peach floral sheer top with a peach sports bra and curled my hair and put it all to the side with a barrette and wore an infinity ring which my 5 one direction bracelet with each of their names on one and I also put on a peach floral scarf and wedges. When I finished changing the door rang so I got it. I was expecting it was Stacy cause she went out and she said she was going to be back in a while. But it was Harry even though our date is in, I checked my iPhone and it said 2:00. Shit I took my time getting ready today!" Are you ready to go luv?" Harry asked." Ya sure let me just get my wallet." He just nodded so I got my wallet and left. On the way to our 'secret destination' I kept nagging Harry about where were going. After 10 minutes we got there and I noticed we were at a carnival. What. The. Hell. "We're here love!" I just nodded. We walked in and went straight to the Ferris wheel. Crap I'm dead scared of heights!" It's ok I'll be with u the whole time Cass." He reassured me." Shit! I really need to stop saying my thoughts out loud." He just chuckled. We finally got on the Ferris wheel and I am straddling Harry cause I'm so scared. We got to the top of the Ferris wheel when it just stopped." Sorry we're having some technical difficulties with the Ferris wheel it will be stuck like this for a few hours. Please stay calm don't panic and relax. Thank you and have a nice day." I heard the intercom speak." How the hell are we supposed to have a nice day stuck on a stupid Ferris wheel!" I yelled." It's ok we'll think of something to do." I just shrugged and sat down on Harry's lap. I stared at Harry's eyes when he started leaning in so I did the same. His lips met mine and sparks flew. He bit my bottom lip for entrance but I declined teasingly. Apparently Harry was determined to get his job done so he stuck it in proudly. We both pulled away for air." I think I can think of something to do. But first things first, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked." He'll ya!" I said." So as I was saying we could do something like this?" He started kissing my neck down I my shirt and started taking it off.( btw their little section in the Ferris wheel is covered so no one could see what they were doing) He undid my bra then after that I don't think you wanna know but it was full of pleasure. A while later we were fully dressed sitting and talking about life when I said," I used to have a friend that said if he ever gets married he wants to have 19 kids so if he wants another then he'll be a pro at it and so his wife's vagina will be the size of a grapefruit. That little perverted kid!" Harry and I burst out laughing when we got interrupted by the intercom." Ladies and gentlemen, the Ferris wheel is now fixed so you can get off now once you get to the bottom. Thank you and have a wonderful day." When we got off the Ferris wheel Harry dropped me off at our hotel and left.


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