Brought Together As One (Harry Styles Love Story)

Lets just say they were brought together as one


2. Problems and Backstage

Stacy's pov

Ah! I'm about to go backstage and personally meet one direction!!! We still have some time before we go backstage so I think Elizabeth better tell me why she looked so happy when Liam sang to her." Elizabeth I thought you said you don't like one direction." I told her. I was teasing her because she looked happy when Liam walked over to her. She will need to explain big time. "Um well you see uh, aha I don't like one direction but I never said Liam wasn't cute." She stammered. Well she does have a point there she did say she doesn't like one direction but she never said that Liam wasn't cute. "You do have a point there. Still yo-" I said but you got cut off by Cassidy saying, "AHHHHHHH! We're about to meet one direction!!!" Then I noticed there we were about to go backstage to meet them. I need to stay calm and not freak out when we see them. "Shut the hell up!" Some sassy 14-15 year old girls said behind us. I was about to go up to them and slap them so hard but then Cassidy noticed what I was about to do and she said," Bitch, who you think you talking to I promise you if you decide to run that little mouth of yours one more time I will hurt you so bad you'll be sent the hospital."

Cassidy's pov

Some sassy 14-15 year old girls decided to run their mouth and say " Shut the hell up!" When I said,"Ahhhhhhh! We're about to meet one direction!" I wanted to slap them so hard but Stacy was about to do that but I stopped her cause I'm gonna give them a piece of my mind," Bitch, who you think you talking to I promise you if you decide to run that little mouth of yours one more time I will hurt you so bad you'll be sent the hospital." I sassed back. " Shut the fuck up bitch!" She said starting to get pissed, but it's just getting started. I noticed we were gonna go in next to meet one direction so I'm just gonna say one last comment then go in the room. " And you still talk to your mother with that mouth? Well some bitches need to learn their lesson." And with that I slapped her so hard there was a red hand mark one her cheek. She just stared at me shocked while Stacy and Elizabeth were laughing so hard. I just walked up to the door that leads me to meet one direction. Stacy and Elizabeth followed me into the room. When I walked in the room I almost fainted. Instead I walked up to Harry and asked him to sign my iPhone case , a poster of him, and my t shirt of him. And then I walked up to the rest of one direction and asked them to sign my other stuff, thank goodness I had a backpack or else I wouldn't have been able to bring most of my stuff.

Harrys pov

Thats her! That's the girl I sang to. I kept on telling the lads about her ~Flashback~ In the dressing room*  " So the girl I sang to she is so pretty and nice, and because I wanted to get to know her more I gave her my number cause I kind of cant talk to her during a concert." I told them all I know about her. " Ooh looks like someone's in loooooove." Louis cooed. " Louis give him a break remember when you first met Eleanor, you kept on talking on and on about her." Niall said. That shut him up. "But guys I really like her I'm planning on asking her out, I saw she had backstage passes."~End of Flashback~ I'm gonna ask her out. I got out of my seat and walked to her and her friends." Hi what's your name, Love?" She looked at her friends and they smiled at her and walked to Niall and Liam. "Cassidy Hope. You gave me your number so I'm guessing you might want mine." She said. Then she perfectly flipped her hair." Yea here." I said as I handed her my phone. We exchanged numbers and we were talking for a while when I remembered why I came over here." Cassidy would you like to go on a date with me?" I asked. " I would love to! Well I should get going bye." "Bye."

Cassidy's pov

Harry Styles just asked me out! Ah! When I walked out the  room I smirked at the teenagers with a trashy mouth and ran over to Stacy and Elizabeth and told them everything that happened.


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