Brought Together As One (Harry Styles Love Story)

Lets just say they were brought together as one


1. Concert

Cassidy's pov

" I hate you so much right now!" My best friend Elizabeth told me." I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!!" My other best friend Stacy told me. I got 3 One Direction concert tickets so I brought my 2 friends with me. Well one of my friends loves one direction and the other well she hates them so much. But I still brought them. The concerts starting oh my gosh I'm seriously fangirling right now. Stacey screamed "Ahhh Niall's looking at our direction!!!" I am so excited I also got backstage passes. I know I'm an awesome  friend. During Little Things they all go to a section and sing to a girl. When LWWY was over I saw Harry Niall and Liam all making their way over to us. When Harry walked  over to me I was about to explode I looked over to Stacy and she and she was trying not to fangirl but it wasn't really working. So I looked over to Elizabeth and she was happy she might not like their songs but she has a crush on Liam. I guess everyone's happy. When Harry was done singing to me he handed me a paper gave me a kiss on the cheek and winked at me. "Ahhhhh Harry fucking Styles just gave me a kiss and wait" I stopped to read the paper, "And gave me his number!!!" For the rest of the song we sang along and a good time. When they finished the concert I noticed Harry staring at me. I can't wait till we go backstage!

Stacy's pov

I don't like one direction, I don't like one direction I kept chanting that in my head. I might not like one direction but Liam was pretty cute. 


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