Turkish rose

Lillian's an orphan - her dream to become an international pole vaulting star - just like her father, and what her mother would have wanted her to be.
Yet fate seems out to ruin her dreams and desires. What will she do to overcome them?

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7. Chapter 7

The spectators slowly but surely made their way into the spectacular Stadium. Every time someone pointed or looked at me I got more and more nervous. Eventually there were no seats spare to sit in so the competition got under way.

I could do this.

Nothing could stop me.

We got called over, they told us to collect our Poles.

"Marie, Fiona, Lillian, Tazna and Alexandre, in that order take your places to begin the first stage, 3meters 90." 

We checked our run ups one last time before we started.

None of us knew what to expect of each other so all we could do was try our best.

Marie was over in a flash on her first attempt.

Fiona took her time but made it easily.

It was me.

I knew I could make it.

With my Pole I sprinted, I made a leap and soared over with triumph,feeling as if I was flying. I came down to earth with a flourish  beaming as if I'd just won the lottery!

I knew I could do it all along but once I'd actually done it I felt amazing like I had just conquered the world!  

Tazna and Alexandre jumped straight over too. They were so proud of themselves and I was happy for them.

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