Turkish rose

Lillian's an orphan - her dream to become an international pole vaulting star - just like her father, and what her mother would have wanted her to be.
Yet fate seems out to ruin her dreams and desires. What will she do to overcome them?

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6. Chapter 6

I stood outside the Stadium delighted at finally having the chance to be there.Not just to compete, just to be there!

I felt a wonderful sensation run through me as I slowly made my way through the iron gate.

Inside was even better than I'd expected! To make it better, above me all I could see was a beautifully blue sky without a cloud  in it  anywhere!

In the middle was, of course, the red and  white stripped track. And around the out side was the seating area where people would sit and watch me in a couple of hours time. To one side the Pole vault was set up.

My event.

The Pole vault.

In the middle of the track was the field; looking greener than ever.

In the front of my mind  I could see it all happening.

It was just then that I was tapped on the back, by a girl bigger than myself. She had ash brown locks which fell just passed her broad shoulders, awfully like my own. Another came up behind her, this one small and wiry. 

The first spoke in a deep, polish accent.

"Hi, I Tazna, from Polska. You do pole vault, ja?"

I held out my hand and nodded. "Lillian. Lillian Fertina." I didn't bother with my country as I had it's name pinned on my back. 

"This Marie. From France." 

With that Tazna introduced the rest...



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