Turkish rose

Lillian's an orphan - her dream to become an international pole vaulting star - just like her father, and what her mother would have wanted her to be.
Yet fate seems out to ruin her dreams and desires. What will she do to overcome them?

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12. Chapter 12

Or not.

it wasn't on. 

It would have normally been on but there was ice. 

And lots of it. 

Before we were even near the mat Fiona fell.

My friend. Fiona who this whole time had been really careful, had fallen warming up. The noise of the ambulance hurt her ears. I went in it with her and you have it first hand, I'm now half deaf in both ears!

fiona  has sprained her wrist. 

the doctor says she is not allowed to compete for 6 weeks and even then not hard so she won't hurt her self any more.

I'm sorry for her as she won't be able to compete but there's also some self pity in there as I won't have any PROPER friends!

Everyone else will go round in there groups. 

Tazna, Marie and Alexandre might let me tag around with them but it wouldn't be the same. 

They're all really nice to me, and I'm grateful. 

But they're hard to understand since they're from all different places.

Fiona said she would come to cheer me along and be with me as much as she would.   

Tomorrow is meant to be a sunny day.

Hopefully there won't be anymore ice.

This will sound really mean... But.

Oh. I wouldn't mind if some of the others fell over on the ice.

It would make me think I have more of a chance.

I don't know why.

It's unlike me to think like that.


That's how I would describe it. Mean.



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