One Direction Imagines

I do not take requests, if you want an imagine then find one with your favorite guy and put your name in for Y/N


15. Zayn

"Why did I let her take me to the club?" I say to myself as I walk down the dark street at 3 o'clock in the morning

"Hey pretty girl, how about you come over here?" Some drunken guy across the street slurs 

I start walking fast when hr starts crossing the street. He grabs my arm and pins me up against a wall "I said come here" he growls and starts felling me up

"Let me go" I struggle to get free

"Shut up" he slaps me

I close my eyes and keep struggling

I feel his hand go down and lift up my dress. I take a deep breath and knee him in the nuts

He falls to the ground and I run "Get back here bitch!!" He growls and starts chasing me. I turn the corner and run into someone. I fall to the ground and slide up against the wall

"Hey are you okay?" The person tries to touch me arm but I flinch away "I'm not going to hurt you" he softly says kneeling down in front of me

"There's the little bitch" I jump and look up to see the guy who was chasing me

"G-Get away from me" I try to get away from him

The stranger stands up and punches the guy, knocking him out

He kneels down next to me again "C'mon, let's get you somewhere safe" He grabs my arm and helps me stand

"Pl-Please don't hurt me" I shake

"I am not going to hurt you" he takes his jacket off and puts it over my shoulders

He takes me into a small coffee shop and I get a good look at his face "Holy shit, You're Zayn Malik" my eyes widen and he laughs

"Is that a problem?" He raises an eyebrow

I shake my head "N-No...' we sit down at a small table

"If you don't mind me asking, what was that back there?"

"I uh.... he... I went to a club with my friend and she left me there so I had to walk. When I was walking this guy was yelling for me to come here and when I didn't he walked over and..."

"It's okay, you don't need to say" he grabs my hand "Do you want something to drink?"

"Y-You don't have to..."

"Do you want something to drink?" He repeats himself 

I shake my head "I'll get you a hot chocolate?"

I smile softly and nod

He goes up and gets our drinks. He comes back and hands me my drink "Thank you, I'll pay you back" I say softly

"Don't worry about it" He says chuckling "I never caught your name" he looks at me

"Y/n" I smile at him



After a while Zayn took me back to his place because I don't know how to get home "Guys!! I'm home!" He yells when we walk through he door

"Its like 5 in the morning and they are awake?" I raise an eyebrow

He laughs "Yeah, they said Louis woke them up like an hour ago and wouldn't let them sleep" 

I laugh and we go into the living room "Wait" I grab his arm and stop him from walking in "I need to tell you something about Niall..."

He furrows his eyebrows "He's-"

"Y/n?!" I turn and see Niall

"Hi" I look down

"What you aren't going to hug your brother?" 

I smirk and look at him "Nope" I pop the 'p' 

"we'll" he fakes hurt

"" Zayn looks at us and we nod

"Niall, you know I don't just hug people after not seeing them for 3 years" I look and see him have a look of realization

"No... don't" he slowly backs away

I smirk "C'mon"

He shakes his head and turns about to run but I beat him to it

I run over to him and jump on his back. He laughs and I get down "Now I shall give you a hug" I open my arms and he hugs me tightly

"I missed you" he says into my ear

I smile"Mom kicked me out"

He looks at me weirdly "why?" He pulls away

I sigh and my phone rings "Hello?"

"Y/n, Jenny won't stop crying.... when are you coming home?" My babysitter says flustered

Yes I have a 8 month old baby, get over it "Ugh... did you feed her?"


"Change her?"


"Give her her teething ring"

I hear the crying stop "Thanks now when are you coming home"

"I'll be home at like 9ish..."

"Where are you?!"

"With my brother" I look at Niall smirking

"NIALL!!!!!???????" I pull the phone away from my ear

"Thanks for killing my hearing, god you're worse than Jenny" I whine

"Sorry" she laughs

"I can come home now if you need?"

"Ytres, oh! Bring Niall"

"Can Zayn come too?"

"Does someone have a crush?" I can see her smirking

"No! I need to give him something" I blush

"Ugh, okay, but bring Niall!" 

"I think you are the one with he crush" I tease

"Shut up and come tame your child!" She laughs hanging up

I grab both of there hands and walk to the door "Where are we going and why do we have to come?" Zayn whines

"On an adventure" I smile and get in the car "Drive to.. blah blah, some adress, blah"

Niall starts driving and we get there in 10 minutes. I get out and run to the door, them following slowly behind

I go inside and run to the living room to see my baby girl "Hi baby" I smile and pick her up "how are you?" She laughs and grabs my nose

"Thank god!! I was about to- oh my god" Megan comes in

I turn and see Niall and Zayn "Cover your ears" I cover Jenny's and Megan screams

I laugh and so the the boys "Oh my god!! You're Niall Horan!!" 

"Last time I checked" he laughs

"I told you they were coming, why are you freaking out?" I look at her amused

"Shush it!" She smacks my arm

"Hey I have a baby in my arms!!" I whine

She sticks her tongue out "Y/n, I have one question" Niall walks over "Is this the reason you were kicked out?" 

I nod "Meet your niece, Jenny" I hand her to him

"Where's the dad?" He plays with her hands

"Uh... about that...." I look down

"You never got to telling me who the dad was either" Megan looks at me

"Because you wouldn't believe me"

"Tell me now!!" She whines

"Who is the dad?" Niall looks at me

I sigh "H-he was just some one night stand that forgot to use protection.. don't worry about it..."

"Wait a minute... that's where I recognize you from!!" Zayn walks over "Club Dessy" 

"Yeah, Club Dessy" I smile softly

"Bro you had a one might stand with my sister?" Niall looks at him

"Hey I didnt know she was you sister" he raises his hands

"C'mon why wont you tell me who it is?" Megan whines again

"Because it's not bloody important, it's not like he'll believe me anyways, he probably gets thousands of girls telling him she's pregnant from him!" I run upstairs

"Y/n!!" I hear Niall come up after me

I slam my door and lay on my bed crying

"Y/n... what do you mean thousands of girls?" I feel Niall sit beside me. I don't say anything "I-Is Zayn the father?"

I start crying me "H-He is?"

I nod and keep crying "You hate me now, right?" I look at him

"No... but you need to tell Zayn" he stands up holding his hand out

"I can't, he'll hate me and after tonight, I actually like him!" I start crying more

"Calm down before you have a panic attack" Niall rubs my back "C'mon" he helps me up

We go down stairs "Some one wants to say who the father is" Niall says quietly when we get down

"I never said I wanted to, you are making me" I say with shakey breaths

"Tell them"

I sigh and keep my eyes on the floor "H-He's...... he's Z-Zayn" I say barely audible

"I'm sorry I thought you said Zayn...." Megan says lifting my chin

"I-I did" I look down again

"What?" I look up and see Zayn frozen

"Mama!!" I go over to Jenny 

"Hey baby girl" I hug her and sit down with her on my lap

"She does look like you Zayn" Niall says trying to get Zayn to say something

"I-I'm a dad?" He looks at me and I nod

"Want to hold her?" He comes over and picks her up. He looks into her eyes and automatically smiles 

"I can't believe I am a dad" he leans his head on hers and closes his eyes

He hands her to Megan and kneels down infront of me. I look at him questioningly before I feel his lips on mine

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