One Direction Imagines

I do not take requests, if you want an imagine then find one with your favorite guy and put your name in for Y/N


3. Zayn Imagine

Imagine you are out on a mid-morning jog, listening to your favorite band, One Direction and you stop to take a break.

You walk into a convenient store and go to the fridge section grabbing a water. Once you pay for it you walk out and sit on the curb when a group of screaming girls comes running past you "What?" you stand up and run around the block to see what they are chasing when you see him... None other than Zayn Malik, you immediately grab his arm and pull him into an alley way without the girls noticing

"What are you-" you cut him off

"Shh" you put his hand on his mouth and wait for the girls to run far enough away

"I am going to take my hand off of your mouth but you have to stay quiet, I don't know where they went"

He nods and you slowly uncover his mouth "Who are you?" he whispers

"The name's Y/N" you step back enough to stick your hand out

"And I am Zayn" he shakes your hand and looks into your eyes

'Zayn! There you are mate!" Niall runs up

"Yeah.. here I am" he says not looking away from your eyes

"And who's this?"

"This is Y/N, she saved me from being mobbed"

"And are you a fan?"

"Y-yes... but obviously I am not one of those crazed fans that will chase you down the street, I saw the girls running by so I ran the opposite direction and went around the block, luckily I am faster than you so I made it just in time to save your ass" you laugh

"Well thank you for that" Zayn chuckles shaking your head

You check your phone and see that you were supposed to be home by now "Shit, I need to go, it was great meeting you" you put your phone away and start walking away

"Wait" he grabs your arm "Can I get your number?"

"Sure, and here, put yours in here" You exchange phones and put our numbers in

"I see you were listening to us?'

"Am listening to you, I like to listen to your music whenever I go jogging" you smile giving his phone back

"Well, I'll see you around Y/N" he smiles as you walk away


You run as fast as you can home and when you get there your dad is there waiting "Where have you been?"

"Sorry, I got caught up in some things.." You go up to your room and sit on your bed

"Well I got a surprise for you"

"Hmm?" you look up to see your dad standing in your door way with front row tickets to tonight's One Direction concert "Dad you didn't!!" you say in disbelief

"Oh but I did, you and Y/F/N, I already called, you'll pick her up in 2 hours to go down there"

"AHHHH!!!! I love you!!!" you hug him and put the tickets on your desk, when your phone goes off

'Hey love'

You smile seeing that Zayn called you love

'Hey Zayn'

'Damn, gotta get ready for the concert, I'll call you after?'

You laugh, thinking of the state of shock he'll be in if and when he sees you in the front row



3 hours later 

Now at the concert, you are sitting in the front row with your friend "I love your dad, I can't believe he did this for us!!"

"I know, I really hope Zayn sees me..." you look down at your phone

Half way through the concert you decide to text him 'Zayn, look in the front row, seat (Blah Blah)'

"Oi! Zayn, who you texting that is so important that you gotta check it right now?" Louis says jokingly

He ignores him and looks up searching for the seat when he sees you

"Y/N?" He smiles and puts his phone away

"Hey isn't that the girl from this morning?" Niall asks

He nods and can't stop looking at you "Well, Y/n you should know that he hasn't stopped talking about you since you saved is butt from that mob this morning" Liam says

You blush and look down "How the fuck do you know him?!?!?" You friend looks at you shocked

"Are you deaf, didn't you just hear Liam say that I saved his ass from getting mobbed this morning?" you laugh

"Y/n, Y/n, Y/n" she pokes you


"Zayn won't stop staring at you"

You look up and see him looking at you for the rest of the concert

Zayn calls you just as you are about to leave


"Don't leave yet"

"How did you-" you friend cuts you off pointing behind you. you had your back to the stage

You turn to see Zayn standing there, luckily you were the only people left because you wanted to wait until it was more cleared out

"I told you I'd call you after the concert" he says, still talking on the phone regardless the fact that he is right in front of you on stage

"Yeah, I gotta go, there is a creepy guy staring at me and I am gonna tell him to knock it off"

You hang up and he jumps off the stage and walks up to you "You gotta stop staring at me Bradford"

"Bradford? Since when was that my nick name?" he laughs

"Since right now... got a problem?"

"Well, one"

"And that is?"

He smirks "That we are talking instead of doing this" he grabs your face and kisses you

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