One Direction Imagines

I do not take requests, if you want an imagine then find one with your favorite guy and put your name in for Y/N


21. Saved

Do you ever get the feeling that you just want to die? I do... I get it every day. I cut, never enough to scar, that's how people find out. I just like the pain of the blade scraping my wrist. Well, I walk down the halls and she stops me "Yo Maddie!! (I'm putting myself in this story because this girl is basically me... just put into a fanfiction) Where's your fat ugly ass going?" I sigh and stop to look at her. I don't talk in school, why? Let me show you.

"What Jordan?" I snap, the next thing I know I am on the ground 

"Shut up bitch" she spits "You're lucky I need to go meet my friends, or else you'd be dead" she kicks me before walking away. I rub my temples and squeeze my eyes shut.

When I open them there is a hand held out to me. I look up and see none other than Liam Payne.... yes from One Direction.. my brother is Niall so duh... I grab it and he helps me up "Th-Thanks...." I say softly looking at the ground.

"Niall is waiting, come on..." he pulls his hood up and we walk out of the school to his car. When we get back to my house I walk inside and run upstairs, slamming my bedroom door shut.

"Maddie! Open the door! I need to talk to you!!!" Niall bangs on the door.

"No!!" I shout grabbing my blade. I slide it across my skin 30 times, each time pressing harder, but not hard enough to scar or bleed. 


"It's unlocked!!" I snap hiding my blade and pulling my sleeves down.

"Maddie..." Niall sits down next to me "Uh, I am going to be gone for a few days, the other boys will still be here, just down the road.. but just, be careful... I leave in like 10 minutes"

I nod and he kisses my head before walking out. I sigh and lie down.


"Maddie why haven't you killed yourself yet." Some girl scoffs

"Yeah... just go die" Jordan states rolling her eyes. I sigh and run home. Yeah I like running.

Maybe they're right, I should die... I run inside and run up to my bathroom before closing and locking the door. I fill the tub almost to the top and sit down in it "I'm sorry... but no one cares" I cry and take a deep breath before going under, the air leaves my lounges.


**Liam's Pov**

I am making a sandwich when I get a weird feeling. I drop the bread and rush out of the house, to Maddie's house. When I get there the door is wide open...well shit... I run upstairs and to her room to find her bathroom shut "Maddie!!!" I pound on the door. No answer. Water leaks out from under the door "Maddie!!!" I stand back and kick the door, making it splinter but not break. I kick again harder making it collapse. I rush it and see her nearly lifeless body lying in the water. I quickly get her out as tears form in my eyes. I lay her down on the floor and start doing CPR "Come on Maddie!!!" I do that for about an hour.... no luck. "Damn it!!!" I lean against the wall crying "Why... Why can't you see that Niall loves you, the boys Love you... I-I love you.." her body jerks as her lounges fill with air and she starts coughing. I rush over to her and hold her.


**Maddie's Pov** 

Did I just hear Liam say he loves me? I have been in love with him for years... I start to cough and take air into my lounges "L-Liam?" I ask as he holds me

"I'm here, I'm here... sh..." he rocks me back and forth

I hold him tight for a while before pulling away "Y-You saved my life..." I look into his eyes. He is about to speak but I kiss him, catching him by surprise. He eventually kisses back and puts his hand on my cheek. 

I never thought I'd say this but I'm glad I was Saved...

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