One Direction Imagines

I do not take requests, if you want an imagine then find one with your favorite guy and put your name in for Y/N


17. Niall

I sigh as I walk into my new school. Now I have to try to catch up with the classes. I look at my schedule and find my locker. I open it and put my back pack in it. I'm not your typical nerdy girl, sure I get straight A's but I dress in ripped skinny jeans and over sized t-shirts. Only today I have leggings on instead of ripped skinny's. I also wear converse. My naturally wavy hair is up in a high pony tail. I grab my purse and look at my schedule and see Bio as my first period. I sigh and walk to class, all eyes on me. I walk in and sit down in the front, being as I don't like to wear my glasses.

"E-Excuse me?" I look up and see a shy looking blonde boy, piercing blue eyes, looking more like the nerd of the school. "I-I... never mind.." he looks down

"What?" I ask nicely, wow he doesn't talk to girls, or anyone much.

"W-well.. I was just going to say th-that I usually sit there but I-I can sit somewhere else." He starts walking away but I grab his arm

"Take the seat, it's fine..." I stand and let him sit down "I can sit right here" I sit down in the seat next to him.

The day goes by and I learn the nerdy kid's name is Niall. I am sitting in lunch when I hear a crash coming from the halls. I stand up and walk out to see Niall covered in juice and is getting beat up.

"Hey! Leave him alone" I push the guy away from him.

"And lookie here, fresh meat" he smirks and touches my arm

"Don't touch me" I push his arm away and knee him in the balls. He falls to the ground and I help Niall up. I bring him into the bathroom and have him put his head under the sink. I wash all the juice out of his hair and sigh, looking at his ruined outfit "Do you have a change of clothes?" 

"Uh.. I have some jeans and a white v-neck in my locker.. b-but.. I'd usually never wear it.."

"Tell you what... I think I know what will get them off your back.. Let's get you home for now and I can tell you the plan when we get there.." I smile at him and grab his hand, leading him to my car. He tells me his address and I pull up. We go inside and a lady who I presume is his mom walks in.

"Ni what are you- again?" She looks at his ruined outfit

"Mom, this is Y/N" he motions to me and I wave smiling.

He takes my hand and drags me upstairs to his room "Mind if I raid your closet?" I look at him

He furrows his eyebrows but nods. I look through his closet and like 2 vests and button up shirts,the rest being band t-shirts and polos.

I sigh and hand him a button up shirt, gray skinny jeans and supras. I look over and see a wall of snapbacks, I laugh and hand him one, along with some raybans.

"Wear this tomorrow, leave the top few buttons unbuttoned and don't wear an undershirt." He looks at me like I'm crazy but agrees "and style your hair differently.." he nods

"Only... if you change your look" I look at him weirdly "This isn't you.. plus you look like you have body to die for, you just hide it" he shrugs.

I blush and look down nodding "I'll do it" 


The next morning I show up at school in a crop top that says 'Let my heart go on' and short jean shorts, with my hair down and sunglasses on my head. As I step inside all eyes are on me, guys smirking and girls glaring. I go to my locker proudly. I hear a few gasps and turn, "Holy shit..." that is not what I told him to wear... he is wearing a white v-neck and a blazer with gray skinny jeans and supras, his hair slightly quiffed and his sunglasses hanging on his collar. He walks over to me "That.. is not what I told you to wear" 

"I know" he smirks "but I got the reaction I wanted" he puts his hand on the locker beside my head, making me somewhat trapped inbetween him and the lockers.

"I know.. all the girls are all over you... some are drooling" I chuckle

"Not who I meant" he leans in close and my breath hitches. He smirks, his face inches from mine. He leans in and whispers in my ear "See you in Bio" before kissing my cheek and walking away, leaving me weak in the knees and out of breath.

I close my locker biting my lip before going to class. When I walk in there are girls surrounding mine and his desk. I sigh and push through them to see a girl sitting in my seat "You're in my seat." I fold my arms.

"Doesn't have your name on it" she snaps.

I look at Niall and he mouths 'Help' I laugh and squeal "Like oh my god!! I just saw Justin Bieber in the common's area" I pretend to fan girl and all the girls squeal before running out. We look at eachother and burst out laughing. I sit down.

"Thank you" he smiles at me

"Anytime" I smile back

"What if Justin really was out there?" 

"You think I would be sitting here?" I raise an eyebrow at him and he laughs again "My ass would be the first out that door, all those bitches would die before they got to see him"

"You're nice" he says sarcastically.

I smile innocently and the teacher starts the lesson. I sit there and take notes, occasionally stealing glances at Niall. At lunch Niall comes up to my table "Aren't you eating?" He sits down

"No.. don't have lunch money"  I shrug and tap my fingers on the table. He stands up grabbing my arm, pulling me to the lunch line

"I do" 

"No, you aren't buying me lunch" I turn to walk away.

"Yes, I am, now get your ass over here and get some lunch" he grabs my arm stopping me. I sigh and get in line, getting my lunch, him paying for me. I only got a sandwich and coke so..

"Happy?" I sit down with him and my lunch.

"Very" he smirks and sits next to me. I open my drink and take a sip. "So, tell me about yourself"

"I told you everything yesterday" I take a bite of my sandwich

"I know.. but like.. did you have a boyfriend before you moved here?"

"No" I look at him

"How" he nearly chokes on his food "You are gorgeous, sweet, funny, perfect... why wouldn't you have a boyfriend?"

I shrug and blush "No one ever thought that about me..." I smile.

He rolls his eyes and eats "Come over after school, I wanna have a movie night"

"Do I get a say?" I chuckle looking at him

"No" he says plainly. I laugh and finish eating. After school we go to his house and he brings me to his room "Sit down, I'll put a movie in.. I just gotta get changed first" I nod and sit on his bed.

He comes out in sweats and a tank top on, he puts 'Finding Nemo' on. When he sits, leaning against the head board, he pulls me up and has me sit like him. As we watch the movie his hand brushes up against mine. I put my hand on my leg not thinking and I hear him sigh. I look over and he is fiddling with his hands. Maybe he wants to hold hands.. No... not with me..but what if he did.... just grab his hand.. no big deal right? Ugh... why is this so complicated. I run my hand through my hair and put it back on the bed next to me. I feel him move his hand back down and I somehow get the guts to just grab his hand. I look over and he is smiling to himself. He interlocks our fingers and pulls me closer. He wraps his arm around my waist and inlay my head on his shoulder. After a bit I fall asleep and I feel him lay us down and cuddle me closer. 

The next morning I wake up to an empty bed. Niall walks out of the bathroom "Your awake" he smiles as I sit up "Uh.. my brother's wife may have left things here... hang on.." he leaves the room and comes back with a white summer dress "Here you go"

I smile and grab it, going to the bathroom to change. I put it on and pull my hair into a ponytail.

I walk out and find Niall sitting on his bed on his phone, he looks up and smiles brightly "Ready?" I nod and he grabs my hand, interlocking our fingers and taking me to the car. He drives my car to the school and I go to get out but he stops me. I look at him confused as he gets out and comes around, opening the door for me. I smile and grab his hand as I get out. As we walk to my locker hand in hand people stare and whisper. Just as I am about to go to open my locker he stops me, he spins me around to face him and I feel his lips on mine. I wrap my arms around his neck and he pulls away "See you in Bio" he pecks my lips again before walking away. What the hell just happened?

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