One Direction Imagines

I do not take requests, if you want an imagine then find one with your favorite guy and put your name in for Y/N


14. Louis

I sit at home and sigh. Why do I need so much homework? I decide to take a break and check twitter 

My eyes stop at a tweet from Louis 'Deciding to surprise this girl for her birthday. Her best friend set it up, see you tomorrow mystery girl'

I sigh, we used to be best friends, wait, my birthday is tomorrow


The next morning I wake up and go to school. "Happy birthday" someone says as I pass

I smile softly and nod. I get to my locker and see my best friend Jake smiling like an idiot

"What did you do?"

"Only became the bestest friend ever" he smirks "Happy Birthday" he hugs me

"Can all seniors come to the auditorium?" I sigh and Jake and I walk there

"Hello, we have special guests here to see you, please stay in your seats" the principal says. I look down fiddling with my thumbs and I hear everyone gasp

"Happy Birthday" Jake says in my ear. I look up and see One Direction

I look at him "You're the best friend? I'm the some girl?" He nods

"Do they know who I am?"

He shakes his head "But Louis spotted you" I look up and see Louis staring at me smiling

"Earth to Louis" the guys wave their hands infront of his face

"What?" He jumps and looks at them. They all laugh 

"We need to bring the birthday girl up" Liam says stating the obvious

I feel all eyes on me. I sigh and the principal comes over "Get your butt up there, seriously, before these girls kill you" he laughs

I chuckle and stand up, making my way up to the stage "Hello love" Harry smiles

I smile shyly and look at the ground

"Yo birthday girl!! Show them that pretty face of yours!!" Jake yells 

I look at him and stick my tongue out at him before looking at the boys

"And your name is?" Niall asks softly

"Y/N" Louis interupts

I smile widely and look at him

"How did he know her name but we weren't aloud?" Zayn whines

"Shush it!" Liam hits him across the head

"Lou, is this the girl you were staring at before?" Harry wraps his arm around his shoulders


"Okay, are if you are going to just stand there I will be leaving" I tease walking towards the edge of the stage

"No!" I feel arms wrap around my waist and I am being spun around

"Louis put me down!!" I squeal laughing

"Okay" he drops me, making me fall on my butt

"Ow!!" I pout crossing my arms

"Awe did I hurt the princess?"

I nod and he laughs pulling me to my feet before hugging me

I hug him tightly "I'm sorry we lost touch" he says softly

"Me too, but I'm not mad, you were busy living your dream"

"Speaking of dreams, have you even considered trying out for the x-factor?"

"No, why would I? I can't sing" I shrug and everyone yells 'bullshit' or 'shut up'

"Language children" Liam warns laughing

"They are right, that is complete rubbish" Louis pulls me to the center of the stage "who wants to hear her sing?" 

They cheer

"No, no, no" I shake my head

"C'mon, I'll sing with you" he looks into my eyes "just like the 6th grade talent show remember?"

I nod "Lucky?"

He nods smiling

He whispers something to Niall and Niall gets his guitar out. He starts playing 'Lucky' and we sing it

When we are done we are just looking into eachother's eyes "Okay, I think we have a few live-birds here" Harry tells the crowd but we ignore him

"C'mon guys" Liam looks at us "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss" all of the room cheers for us to kiss

"Should we?" I ask nervously

He doesnt answer and I feel his lips on mine


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