One Direction Imagines

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22. Kiss in the rain

Your kiss in the rain

Harry- I run down the street, away from him.. why did I think I could trust him again? All he does is sleep around "Y/N!!! Wait please!!" I can hear the sadness in his voice, but I don't give a shit. I keep running until a hand stops me "Please... just.... give me a chance to explain..." he turns me towards him.

"Okay, explain" I shrug my shoulders, folding my arms

"Okay so, she kind of like...." I zone him out, looking at my nails

"Are you done?" I look up at him and he nods "now it's my turn. You think it's okay? This is the 4th time I have come home to cheating boyfriend....I am done, you are a pig" Thunder cracks and it starts pouring down rain "Shit... you don't know anything about me, you"

I am cut off my a pair of lips "I know that you bite your lip when you are about to cry, you twirl your hair when your nervous, you love it when people do romantic things for you...." he goes on and on about everything he know about me "And I also know that you" he pokes my nose "Just got the kiss in the rain you have always wanted"

I blush "Some kiss.." I mumble

"What?" He leans in "Oh you forgive me and want me to kiss you again? Well okay" he shrugs and kisses me more passionately.

I pull away and lean my head on his "Damnit Styles..." he laughs wiping the rain water away from my eyes and kisses me again.


Louis- I am sitting by the window, crying my eyes out with my phone up to mg ear "Babe, you know I would come home if I could... I just... I have a lot on my plate right now.." I can hear the stress in his voice

"I know Lou... but I just... I have some important news...." I sigh wiping my eyes, thinking about the birth of our baby, that he doesn't know about. He knows about the baby, just not that it was born yet 

"Well I can't wait to hear it but in the mean time, relax.. don't stress yourself, I will be home before you know it..." he saya soothingly

"Okay Louis.. bye.. love you..." I hang up the phone and go check on the baby, we decided to name her Samantha Jay Tomlinson. I smile when I see her sleeping, then hear a car pull up. I furrow my eyebrows and look out the window "Oh.. My... God..." I run downstairs and fling the door open, not caring that it is raining. I bolt to the driveway and lunge into my husbands arms. He laughs and spins me around "I love you.."

"I love you too... see I promised I wouldn't be long..." he kisses me passionately before looking down at my stomach "Hey, your not pregnant anymore?!" He looks at me

"I know" I laugh "Would you like to meet Samantha Jay Tomlinson?"

"Well duh" he makes an 'are you serious' face and I hit him. He laughs and kisses me again "I would love to meet our daughter"


Liam- I laugh as he picks me up and spins me around "Put me down!!" 

"No!" He says bluntly as he keeps spinning me.

"Liam!!!" I squeal "Put me down now!!!!" I say through laughs. He sighs and sets me down before kissing my cheek. "Thank you" I say letting out a breath as people stop staring at us and go back to what they were doing "Now, can we go now? We have been here literally all day" I pout.

"But love..." he whines brushing my hair away from my face "I didn't get to ask you my question"

"Ask me when we get home..." I feel a rain drop on my nose and it starts pouring down rain "Great.. come on!!" I grab his hand and start running to the car. He stops in the middle of the parking lot "Li, hat are you do-" I stop when I see him down on one knee.

"I still need to ask you that question..." he laughs nervously as rain pours down, soaking us "Y/n... I love you so much.. and I can't imagine my life without you.." he pulls a ring out "So will you do me the honor of becoming Mrs. Y/N Payne?"

I put my hand on my mouth sobbing "Y-Yes!!" I shout over the rain. He smiles and puts the ring on my finger before standing up and kissing me. We stand there kissing in the rain, enjoying the moment "I finally got my knight in shining armour and my kiss in the rain.." I say softly pulling away. He smiles and kisses me again.


Zayn- I sigh as I walk through the door, tears streaming down my face. I should've listened to Ni.... "Y/N? That you?" He shouts

"No, its a killer with keys to the house" I snap, walking into the living room where my brother Niall and the boys are sitting.

"My god, what happened?" He rushes over to me and wipes my tears before hugging me

"You were right... he cheated on me.. you can say told you so" I sob into his shoulder

"oh sweetheart... I didn't want to be right...." he holds me tight "I'm sorry" he kisses my head and rocks me back and forth

"I uh... I think I'm just gonna go for a walk..." I step back and kiss Niall's cheek and walk to the door.

"Hey uh.. Y/N! Wait, I'll come with" I turn and see Zayn jogging over "I need to talk to you" he whispers as he walks passed me to get to his shoes.

I walk towards the door and open it, waiting for him. He walks over and puts his arm around me as we walk "I don't understand why this always happens... either they abuse me, make me almost kill myself, or cheat..."

"Abuse? Make you almost kill yourself?" He looks at me shocked.

"Yeah but uh... Niall doesn't know about those so shh.."

"uh.. okay..." He shifts awkwardly as we walk around the block. It starts raining. I can't resist the urge to let all my worries "We should head ba-" I cut him off by running out into the middle of the playground, splashing all around "What are you doing?" He laughs chasing after me.

"Having fun!! Try it!!" I laugh throwing a hand full of water at him.

"Oh I know you did not just do that" he says with closed eyes "You have 3 seconds to run.." I scream and run as fast as I can "Get back here!!!" He laughs running after me. He wraps his arms around my waist and spins me around "Got you" I slide down his chest until our noses are up against eachother "You are gorgeous" he wipes the running makeup off my face as I blush. He smiles and kisses me lightly but for a long time... oh my perfection....


Niall- I walk down the halls with my head down. People laugh at me and call me names like 'whore' 'slut' 'bitch' I sigh and keep walking until I am pinned up against the lockers "Hey slut" I wince at the force of him pushing me "Guess wht time it is?"

"Uh... time to go to class?" I question quietly.

"Not even close.." he punches my gut and his group of friends snicker behind him. I glance up and Niall, he was standing there with sorrow in his eyes "Now its time to go to class" He walks away as Niall stays there, staring at my arm... he know I cut, and he know why... I stand up and run out into the pouring rain.

"Y/N!!! Wait!!!" I sigh and stop, turning to face Niall "Look.. I need to say something..."

"Then say it, because I want to go home"

He gets silent and steps towards me. I furrow my eyebrows and he puts his hand on my cheek "I want you to try to stop cutting...I can't stand the thought of you hurting yourself..."

"Why are you saying this now?" 

"Because I am tired of being part of the reason you do it" He lays his head on mine "I love you"

"Wh-what?" He chuckles and kisses me, people rushing passed us trying to get out of the rain

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