A New World About to Dawn

*********Enjonine Story (Eponine + Enjolras)*********
What would happen if Eponine survived the gun wound? What if Enjolras feels for her more than he thinks he does? What if that growns into something more? She has always loved him......maybe even a bit more than Marius, although she prefers not to admit it.


4. The Feelings of Ages Past are Surfacing


                I wake up to a searing pain in my chest. I scream and gasp as I awaken to find myself pressed up against a  muscular figure.

'It must be Marius' I think.

"Marius.......Is that you?" I reach up, my eyes still shut.

                 That is not Marius' hair. This hair is soft, but rough. It is also curly.

"Can someone answer me?" I mumble.

                 I feel a disappointed sigh against the my side. 

'You gave us quite a scare." A woman answered, scaring me." Your Boyfriend and I were fearful, alright."

"My Boyfriend?" I ask questioningly.

                  I look up and jump off of the person's lap. I gasped and sat right back down. The pain was to unbearable.  It was Enjolras, the curly hair, muscular, disappointed, person, who had had me pressed up again his chest and his neck, but why? 

"He held you and kissed you like his life depended on it. Like he couldn't bear to live without you." The woman said.

                 I look at Enjolras, who was glaring a deadly look at the woman.

"Is what she tells true? Is it the pure truth that you held me close and kissed me?" I wonder.

                 He sighs again.

"It maybe....." He trailed off, hiding the truth.

"Say the truth. Don't leave it there." I tell him.

"What. the. woman. says. is. the. truth." He takes each word and spaces them out.

"But why?" I ask.

"Because I love you" He says gently.

                  Feelings of ages past began surfacing. Ones that even I did not know existed.

"But... Why me? I am no better than anyone else..." I tell him "Not even better than Patria."

"That is not of the truth." He tells me

I began to doubt even more. This couldn't  be the the truth

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