Lies in their eyes

Joylyn wasn't the perfect girl and she didn't have the perfect life either. Her life was filled with twists and lies from all kinds of people. She knew she wasn't crazy. So why did her mom put her in a mental hospital?
Joylyn knew something was up with the doctor. He wasn't normal and he did know what happened to make her be there. Why does he force her to stay here?...


3. The lies begin...

 “No!!!” I wake up yelling again. The weird thing is that the doctors haven’t gotten here. They usually get here before I wake up. I don’t hear anyone coming. Then I notice that I’m not in my room. It’s a small room and there’s a big black window. Then I notice the gray door. Maybe I can get out and runaway forever. Then the door opens.

                I see her. She’s wearing blue jeans and a green t-shirt. “Mom!! What are you doing here you have never visited me.” “Hun, I uuummm…..just came for a little while.” I tried to get up to hug her but my hands and legs were tied up. “Mom tell me the truth, why did you come?” “I just wanted…to…see you and ask you some questions….” I then see 3 shadows on the window except I can’t see who they are.  How was I that dumb to not notice that it was Dr. Thomas and his crew, Olivia and Victoria.

Victoria was always nice to me and Olivia just always looked at me in disgust. Olivia hates everyone, I don’t get it why she even works here. Olivia would always say horrible things about me. Victoria has a creepy smile but, at least she smiles, not like Olivia.  Olivia always has a bored or mad face. At times I think she has no emotions. Victoria always says yes to you and whenever she says it she gives you her creepy smile. Her mouth is huge, but her eyes and nose are small. I think it’s weird.

“Honey, what happened that night?”  Yeah, like you care, I thought. She has never asked me that. She would never care. At times I think they pay her to be my mom. She always goes out. She barely makes me food. My mom is really different form other moms. She never told me she loved me or kissed me. I always think that, that might be why my dad left her, and I wish I could go and live with him.

“Please tell me. I need to know.” she said. I felt so mad I had to say it, “How much are they paying you to ask me?” I got her, her face all surprised and mad. “They are not paying me! I care about you.” “Yeah, whatever you have never cared about me. Why don’t you just go find out yourself!” Her face was red, she was seriously mad and embarrassed now. “Joylyn! Stop it! Please control yourself.” She took a deep breath and said “Honey, I just want to know. I care about you and your safety.” “If you cared about me I would never be here!” The doctors signaled my mom to go outside to talk to her. Then she left.

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