Lies in their eyes

Joylyn wasn't the perfect girl and she didn't have the perfect life either. Her life was filled with twists and lies from all kinds of people. She knew she wasn't crazy. So why did her mom put her in a mental hospital?
Joylyn knew something was up with the doctor. He wasn't normal and he did know what happened to make her be there. Why does he force her to stay here?...


4. Let me out

Ten minutes after my mom left, Dr. Thomas came in. "Well Joylyn, you might never get out of here with your attitude." he smirked. "I  will! I am not crazy, you know what happened. Why do you keep me here?" He walked around me and got close to my ear and said, "Because you know the truth." He laughed loudly and gave me a weird look.  You selfish dick, I mumbled under my breath.He opened the door and left. A couple minutes later Victoria and Olivia come to untie me and put me in my room. Olivia unties my hands with a knife and cuts me. Ugh bitch! I thought. Olivia gives Victoria the knife to untie my legs but she denies it and unties the rope by herself.

"Conner!! No! Come back!" "Joylyn stop! Calm down!" I feel the sting again. I'm getting used to it. Its sad that i can say that. I have to get out of here. I need to.



Sorry for the short chapter. I would really appreciate it if you guys commented and liked ii!thanks!(:

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