Bonnie & Clyde

Gracia has moved from foster home to foster home, but when a random family wants to adopt her she will move to a whole new state. California. But when Gracia starts to catch feeling for her foster brother the whole families life will be turned upside down.


2. Montgomery

Chapter Two || Montgomery

I smiled at Anna and said "Hi I'm Gracia nice to meet you guys." She looked at me and then at her watch and said 'Well Gracia we have to go our flight leaves in a hour." "Wait can I please go say goodbye to Ms.Lockwood," I asked her. "Yeah sure sweetheart but hurry." I ran over to Ms.Lockwood and gave her a big hug. I was gonna miss her some much; she was always by my side when all my foster homes said that i was worthless and at times i started to believe them. "I'm gonna miss you hunny so much," she said placing a light kiss on top of my head. "I'm gonna miss you to Ms.Lockwood Thanks for everything," I said giving her one last tight squeeze and walking over to Jack & Anna. "Come on hun we have to go," Anna said. As we were leaving I looked back at Ms.Lockwood and i could see the tear falling from her face. I gave her one last wave and walked out the door. I followed Anna and Jack to this black car where a man in a tux was waiting when i walked up to the car he immediately grabbed my bag from me and put them in the trunk. when i sat Anna looked at me. "So Gracia me and Jack got you a couple things," she said and handed me a big bag it was really heavy by the way. I opened a bag and the first thing I pulled out a box and it was a new phone! an Iphone 4s! "We guessed you didn't have a phone so we got you one." "Omg thanks guys!" I reached in the bag again and pulled out another box but this time it was a Macbook Air! Wow how could these people afford these things i thought to myself. there  was one more thing in the bag but this time it wasn't a box or anything it was a big brown envelope. I pulled it out and quickly opened it frantic to know what it was, i pulled out a piece of paper and saw that it was my birth certificate. "What is this for," I asked them. "It's the new copy of you birth certificate look at your name," Jack said. I looked down at my the place where my name was and it said: Gracia Faye "Montgomery" i was really confused because my last name was "Mendoza." My last name is Mendoza guys they messed it up." "No they Didn't Gracia your official a Montgomery now," They said smiling. I looked into there eyes and automatically saw the happiness in there eyes and i felt tears fall from my eyes. I actually have a Mom and Dad now! This is what I had wanted for years.


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