(Heyy, its kinda my first fanfic. So if its bad please do comment ;)) its about Myra Cyrus & Niall horan.


1. Myra Cyrus

Born : Myrabella Sarah Cyrus

September 10th 1995




 Myra Cyrus is the daughter of country singer; Billy Ray Cyrus & his wife Leticia Jean Finley. She has 6 siblings - two half-brothers, a half-sister, a big sister, a big brother & a little sister. Her birth name is Myrabella Sarah, given to her by her parents who hoped she would achieve grace & beauties. Her childhood nickname was Bella, as she had a cute disposition which was eventually shortened to bells.She enjoys music and is an excellent musician. Could play all of the instrumens, and also sings.


When she turned two, her family moved to Toronto,CA. Where Cyrus' father; Billy Ray Cyrus took a role in the TV series "Doc". 


In 2011, Cyrus wascast as the Co-Star in the Oxygen series "glee", about a teen life style. Her role as Mandy Jeans is about a girl who is the captain of cheerleaders at the Ohio State International School, at the end she moved to WMHS.  The show was a smash and hit records, sell-out tours and merchandising deals soon followed. Cyrus  became a teen superstars. Fpllpwing the success of "Glee", Cyrus made the move into other roles - including playing Bella Kights in "Arch" and Sarah Season in "Spy Vs. Detective", also Bella Swan in "Twilight Saga: The Series".


Cyrus married her fiancees, Niall James Horan on September 23rd 2019 at Tennessee Convention Center, followed by the reception. Myra gave birth to their first child Natalie Jamie Horan, at St. Luke's Hospital on September 3rd 2021. Their second child, a son, Nicky Jacob Horan, was born at Tennessee Heal & Health Hospital on September 3rd 2026. Same as his sister.


Myra likes to play stunts (like archery,cliff diving,fencing,etc.) in her spare time, but loves family much more. A creative DJ (disk jokey) who loves that all.



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