Under The Mistletoe

When Morgan and her family get invited to a Christmas celebration party,she stumbles across Justin Bieber,the charming young boy of every girls dream,when things spark between the two,will it last forever? or was it just a Christmas holiday fling that erases all happy memories between the two,forever.


12. Mistletoe Madness


Justin's POV:


*I stifled a yawn as  I woke up Morgan's bed,I slowly opened my eyes to see Morgan sleeping peacefully on my chest,a small smile instantly played on my lips and I began to gaze around her room sleepily*



''What day is it?'' I quietly mumbled,as I looked over at Morgan's calender.



it's the 17th of December? woah...



*I began to think as I stroked Morgan's back with my hand lightly*




If I really want Morgan to me mine,then I need to do something about it...



*Images of the Programme we were watching flashed in my head*




Somehow Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Christmas Special has brought itself into my head..



*I then began to re-cap over the whole programme,thinking of that one thing that caught my attention*



It was something Sugar bear did to get kisses from the Mom..something funny but cute at the same time..







I'll place Mistletoe around the house in different areas so Morgan will kiss me...



*I grinned deviously and slowly shuffled out the bed,careful not to wake up sleeping beauty next to me,I kissed her cheek before I slowly walked over to the pile of my clothes on the floor,I pulled them on and tiptoed downstairs*



''This is going to be awesome.'' I muttered as I made my way into the kitchen.



Now...where would they keep all of the Christmas decs? 



*After looking around the kitchen I decided to check the basement,I pulled open the basement door and began to descend the stairs,once I got to the bottom I began to check all the small corners for the Christmas decs,once I looked around the whole basement without any luck,I began to walk back up the stairs,but with one glance back down I noticed a huge brown cardboard box sitting under the stairs,I clapped my hands together in excitement and rushed down to grab the box,I then ran back up the stairs and shut the door once I placed the box on the floor*



''Let the fun begin.'' I muttered,a sly smirk visible on my face.



*I began to rummage through all of the box and in the end I found 20 pieces of mistletoe,I grinned and pushed the box to the side,I got up and began to run around the house*



''Tape....tape..tape.'' I muttered as I began to search for something to keep the mistletoe hanging.



*I found the tape and placed it on my arm,I then began to pick up pieces of mistletoe one by one and started to hang them in appropriate places,e.g. above the stairs,in all of the door frames,in all the lights and on the front and back door,after 20 minutes of placing mistletoe everywhere I heard a huge bang,I quickly stuck the last mistletoe in the kitchen before I quickly threw the tape over the kitchen counter,Morgan then appeared in the hallway of the kitchen,I smirked and moved forwards infront of her*



''Sleeping beauty is finally up.'' I grinned.



''Shut up.'' She muttered,fiddling with the loose string from her sweated,I chuckled and pulled her in for a hug.



*Morgan swung her arms around the back of my neck and dug her head into my chest,I nestled my head into her neck*


''You look beautiful.'' I murmured into her neck.



*Morgan shivered and I laughed before I pulled away from the hug.*



''Thank you,Justin.'' She smiled.



*I just smile and looked up,smirking*



''Oh look...what a coincidence!'' I smirked as my gaze then fell back down to Morgan.



*Morgan had followed my gaze to the piece of mistletoe hanging from the ceiling and a look of horror passed over her face*



''Oh my god.'' She muttered before she slowly backed up.



*I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her closer to me*



''Don't think you can get away that easy without giving me a kiss.'' I whispered,making sure my breath hit her lips.



''Why did you put this here?'' She whined,trying to push my arms away from her.



''Because I want to kiss you.'' I smiled.



''I might of let you kiss me if you didn't put this mistletoe here!'' Morgan laughed.






''No.'' She giggled before she ran away.



''Hey!come back here! I want my kiss!'' I yelled,as I began to chase her around the house.



''YOU HAVE COOTIES!'' Morgan screamed as she began to run into the lounge.


*I smirked and followed her in,she was stood directly under another piece of mistletoe,I laughed and walked forwards*



''Oh shoot...I forgot I put another one here.'' I smirked.



*Morgan once again looked up and scoffed*



''Really Justin?'' She frowned,with a slight smirk playing on her lips.



''Really,why won't you just kiss me?'' I pouted,grabbing her hands and entwining our fingers.






''Because what?'' 



''I don't know.'' 



''Please just try it...I know deep down you want to,you just need to trust me,Morgan.'' I sighed.






''Shh..I promise once I kiss you,if you don't like it..we don't have to do it again...because I have about 20 mistletoes set up around this house,so..'' I chuckled.



''Are you serious?'' Morgan giggled.






''Wow,you really like me..huh?'' She smiled.



''Correct,now...what do you say?'' I answered.



''But we've already kissed,so why do you want to do it again?'' She whispered.



''Because I like you,and I want to be yours,so if I somehow get you to like kissing me,maybe I'll get a chance and you will forget about Callum.'' I shrugged.



*Morgan just smiled and nodded her head*



''But if I do like it,our friendship will be ruined.'' 



''No it won't,no matter what you'll always be my best friend,you might just have to be my best friend and my girlfriend.'' I smirked.



*Morgan rolled her eyes and giggled.*



''So..is that a yes?'' 



''Yeah,I'll give it a go...'' She giggled.



*I felt my cheeks turn red at the thought of my lips touching hers,I remained calm and placed one of my hands under her chin,and the other on her waist,Morgan placed both her hands around my neck and looked into my eyes*



''I don't know  if I've ever told you this,but your eyes are beautiful.'' I whispered.



''I don't know if I've ever told you this,but so are yours.'' She giggled.



*I smiled and glanced down at her lips,slowly inching forwards*



''And...your perfect.'' I finished.



''I'm not perfect.'' Morgan frowned.



''Your perfect to me.'' I smiled.


*Morgan grinned and closed her eyes once she noticed that I was inching closer,I closed my eyes just as our lips touched*



Sparks,fireworks,whatever you want erupted in the pit of my stomach.



*I then pulled away and opened my eyes slowly to see Morgan staring into my eyes,the biggest grin ever spread across her face*



''How was it?'' I asked hesitantly.



''Perfect.'' She whispered.



*A grin instantly lit up on my face as Morgan pulled me closer,I shut my eyes just as our lips moulded as one,my heart began to pound ridiciously,almost to the fact that it could burst out my chest,I ignored this feeling and focused on the girl in front of me,my best friend but maybe something more*



Morgan pulled away this time. ''My mom will be home soon,let's tidy this place up.'' She muttered as she walked away from me.



*A frown found its way onto my face but I shook it off and followed her into the kitchen,Morgan was sat on the bar stool looking straight in front of her,I walked over and placed my arms around her waist and placed my head on her shoulder*



''What's up?'' 



''Nothing.'' She muttered,pushing me off.



*I frowned and just stood there for a mere few seconds,Morgan didn't move so I walked around the island and looked straight into her eyes,she instantly looked down showcasing her beautiful long eyelashes,I sighed*



''Morgaaaan.'' I mumured.






''Why are you mad?'' 



''Because I just kissed my bestfriend.'' She muttered.






''It's wrong.'' 



''No it's not..well to me it's not anyway.'' 



''Well to me it is,and I shouldn't of done it.'' She muttered before she got up and walked over to the sink,gazing out the window.



*I followed her and wrapped my arms around her neck,I kissed her cheek and rested my head on her shoulder*



''Go with your heart Morgan,what is your heart telling you to do?'' 



*Morgan turned around to face me,I dropped my hands from her neck and took a step back*



''I don't know...that's my problem,I'm not sure If I want to be with you,or I still have feelings for Callum.'' She muttered,looking down at the ground.



I sighed. ''You know what Callum did to you Morgs,you just need to let him go.''



''But I love him.'' 



''Well don't,I promise you....you need to let him go,he hurt you really bad,and I wouldn't even dream of doing something like that to you.'' I whispered,taking her hands and entwining our fingers.



Morgan then looked up. ''I know,but I'm just not ready yet..and I shouldn't keep leading you on by letting you kiss me..it was wrong.'' 



''It's okay...really,I mean...yeah it hurts,but I just want to see you happy,and if you being happy doesn't mean being with me then I'm fine about it,I just don't want to see you sad.'' I replied,looking straight into her eyes.



''You really are amazing Justin,do you know that?'' She giggled,a single tear sliding down her face.



*I smiled and nodded,Morgan smiled back and kissed my cheek before she pulled me into a hug*



''So are you.'' I whispered into her hair.



*I kissed the top of her head before I pulled out the hug,I wiped away her tears instantly showcasing her cute little smile*



''Your smile is so cute.'' I chuckled.



''Thank you,yours too.'' She laughed.



*I grinned and pulled her back into the living area,I jumped back onto the couch and pulled Morgan down with me,she laughed and rested her head on my chest,I began to play with her hair with one hand and stroke her arm with the other*



''Dude,I just brushed my hair,don't mess it up!'' Morgan whined.



''You're so cute.'' I laughed.



*Morgan looked up at me and smiled,I smiled back and kissed her cheek*



''Ditto.''She giggled.



*I laughed and glanced around the room,Morgan did too*



''Woah! did you really put up all of these mistletoe thingy's just to get a kiss off me?'' She giggled.



*I felt my cheeks go red,so I turned my head and buried my head into the back of the couch,Morgan sat up and giggled*



''Hey! don't be shy...I find it cute.'' 







''Yeah,although..getting the idea from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Christmas Edition was a bit lame.'' She chuckled.



*My cheeks instantly turned red again and I began to dig my head further into the couch,I pulled my hands away from Morgan and shielded my face,Morgan pulled my arms away and laughed*



''Your such a dork..but you're my kinda dork.'' She giggled.



*I slowly pulled my head out of the couch and faced her,she was smiling wide,she was biting her bottom lip and I couldn't help but stare,I slowly leaned in,closing my eyes,I placed my hand on her cheek and slowly pressed my lips into hers,I pulled away slowly and opened my eyes,Morgan was blushing and quickly covered her face away from me with her hands,I pulled her hands away with a struggle*



''Don't hide your beautiful face away from me'' I growled jokingly.



*She giggled and pulled me into a hug,she put me into a head lock and began to rub her knuckle on the back of my head,I yelped in pain and pushed her off me,I climbed on top of her as she hit the arm chair of the couch and began to tickle her waist*



''Payback biiiiiitch.'' I sang as I began to tickle her waist.



*Morgan squirmed from underneath me and fell onto the floor,I laughed and pulled her back up again*



''You little shit.'' She muttered as she rested her head onto my chest again.



''Sorry...but no one puts me in a headlock and gets away with it.'' 



''I put you in one earlier and you didn't do anything.'' She giggled.



''Alright smartass.'' I scoffed,holding my arms up in the air.



*Morgan giggled and turned to the TV*



''I love you,Morgan.'' I whispered after a moment of silence.



''As a friend right?'' She frowned,glancing up at me.



''Y-Yeah..of course.'' I muttered.



''Well then I love you too.'' She giggled before she rested her head back onto my chest.



*I sighed and rubbed my forehead in frustration*



If only she knew...






awh Justin loves Morgan:(





















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