Under The Mistletoe

When Morgan and her family get invited to a Christmas celebration party,she stumbles across Justin Bieber,the charming young boy of every girls dream,when things spark between the two,will it last forever? or was it just a Christmas holiday fling that erases all happy memories between the two,forever.


4. Kiss?



Morgan's POV:




''H-Hey.'' Justin smiled looking straight into my eyes.





Is it just me or is this awkward as fuck? we've been staring at eachother for ages then we have to speak? no...ok then.




''Hey,I'm Morgan,nice to meet you.'' I smiled  lifting my hand to wave slightly.





''Justin,sit down..looks like you two are the only teens here...why don't you hang out? maybe this might be the start of a good friendship,I'll go see if Patties drunk yet? bye sweetie.'' Faith glanced at both of us.




''A-Alright,bye Faith.'' Justin smiled shoving his hands in his jean pockets.




He's so fucking hot...I love how he can still look so so hot even though he's wearing a disgusting christmas sweater like me..




*Faith walked out the room winking at me slyly,I blushed and looked down*




why am I blushing when I have the perfect boyfr-




''Can I sit?'' Justin asked cutting me off from my thoughts.





''Sure,I like your sweater by the way...very...'' 




''Ugly..I know,you can laugh...but yours isn't to good either.'' Justin chuckled.




*I giggled and nodded.*




''So,how do you know Faith?'' Justin asked.





''Uhmm...my mom's friend..you?'' 




''Same...she's such a bitch though.'' 





''Oh my god..I thought I was the only person who thought that! She has her good days and bad...today she's just pissing me off.'' I chuckled.




''I'm guessing we have a lot in common,today she's being alright to me..but last christmas she was a complete bitch,no word of a lie.'' Justin rolled his eyes.













''Soo...enjoying the party?'' Justin grinned.




When he smiled his eyes literally glisten...they're so beautiful.




''Nope,it's shit..wanna ditch with me?'' I giggled.





''Sure..I fucking hate these stupid family parties..there filled with old people getting their dentures stuck in apples and shit.'' 




''Thanks for putting that beautiful thought in my head.'' I laughed pushing his shoulder slightly.





''Welcome..it's true though,they're disgusting.'' 




''I know.'' I smiled




''Leggo.'' Justin sighed standing up.





*I was just about to get up when a pair of hands appeared infront of my face,I looked up to see Justin smiling down at me,I smiled back and grabbed his hands as he pulled me up,and we walked out to the backyard.*





I expected Justin to pull his hand out of mine,but he kept it firmly entwined with mine,my stomach doing flips for the first time ever...does this mean? does- no...I have a boyfriend ok.




*He swung our hands lightly as we carefully walked across the icy grass and over to the swing chair*





''Is it safe? it looks so slippery.'' I asked looking up at him.




Justin is a tad taller then me....the top of my head probably comes to his jawbone...okay this is weird...why am I comparing height to someone I don't even know?





''If you fall,I'll catch you.'' Justin smiled down at me.




*Just after Justin said that I slipped backwards,but before I fell on my ass,I felt warm arms tie around my waist,holding me tightly*




Activating the butterfly's in 3...2....1.




''Thanks...falling on my ass isn't quite my plan tonight.'' 





Justin chuckled. ''You're funny,Morgs.'' 










''Thanks,so are you'' I giggled.




''What's your last name?'' Justin asked as we reached the swing.





''Blair.'' I replied. ''You?'' 








''Nice...so what you wanna talk about?'' I asked swinging my legs.




''You're so cute.''  Justin chuckled.








''Nothing...wanna play 20 questions? I wanna get to know you.'' Justin smiled as he gripped on to the edge of the seat swinging his legs at the same time as me.




He want's to get to know me? ohh god..why?





''Sure...who's starting?'' 





''Me...I ask you one then you then me and so on.'' Justin smiled looking up at me.










''Question 1,how old are you?'' Justin asked glancing up at me.




''16,Question 1,how old are you?'' 





''16,Question 2,What's your favourite colour?.'' 





''Purple,Question 2,What's your favourite colour?''





''Hey! stop copying my questions!'' Justin pouted folding his arms in a childish way.





So so cute.




''Sowwy.'' I pouted back.




*Justin bit his lips slightly and looked down*




What was that about?




''And purple's my favourite colour by the way,Question 3. Do you have a boyfriend?'' 






*I looked down and nodded*






Justin's POV:




''And purple's my favourite colour by the way,Question 3,Do you have a boyfriend?''





Please say no,please say no,please say-





*Morgan looked down and nodded*









''Do you? uhm...a girlfriend I mean?'' 





''Nope...haven't found that special girl yet.'' I sighed leaning back on the swing.















''Question 19, how far have you gone with a boy?'' I asked crossing my fingers slyly.





''Make out..that's it..you?'' 





''Same...last question,Do you think I'm hot?'' I smirked at this one.





''Uh...what type of question is that?'' She laughed slapping my arm.




''Answer truthfully alright? I don't mind.'' I grinned.




''Oh god...uhm...yeah I guess.'' 





''Thanks Morg...You are too.''  I winked.




*Morgan giggled and hid her face in her hands,I pulled them back and hugged her,she hugged back before letting go*





''What was that for?'' She giggled





''Spur of the moment,sorry.'' I shrugged.




''It's fine..it's fine...hey,come here.'' She waved her finger at me to scoot closer.





*I scooted closer and she placed her hand on my cheek*





Is she going to kiss me? oh my god.




















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