Under The Mistletoe

When Morgan and her family get invited to a Christmas celebration party,she stumbles across Justin Bieber,the charming young boy of every girls dream,when things spark between the two,will it last forever? or was it just a Christmas holiday fling that erases all happy memories between the two,forever.


11. Head butt's and Insidious



Morgan's POV:



*I sighed as Justin jumped onto my bed,I followed him and turned on the TV before leaning over and dragging the bowl of candies up onto the bed along with the soda,I handed Justin his and opened mine*




''You know...I hope you know what happened earlier doesn't change anything,we're still best friends...right?'' Justin croaked,turning his head slightly to face me.



''Sure,but just so you know...I did feel sparks.'' I muttered under my breath.




*Justin's head snapped to me and a grin formed on his face*




''But I don't want you thinking I'll kiss you any time soon,I like you alot...but I just can't risk another heart break.'' I whispered.




*Justin smiled sympathetically and pulled me into a hug,lightly stroking my hair,I nestled my head into his chest and closed my eyes as Justin kissed my hair*




''I promise I won't break your heart,Morgan...I find boy's who do that to girls jerks,they don't deserve girlfriends in the first place.'' Justin declared.




*I giggled and hugged him tighter,looking up at him*





''Your a decent guy Justin,you know that?'' I smiled.



*Justin looked straight into my eyes and bit his lip slightly*




''You don't understand how much I wanna kiss you right now.'' Justin huskily whispered.



*I smiled up at him just as he leaned in,I buried my head back into his chest just as I felt Justin's lips on my eye,I pulled away to see Justin pouting,I laughed*




''It's not funny..your playing with my feelings.'' Justin pouted.




''Did you really just kiss my eye?'' I laughed.




*Justin rolled his eyes and looked away,pushing me away from him,he began to stare at the TV trying to keep a straight face*




''JUSTIIN'' I whined pushing his shoulder. ''I wasn't finished with my hug.''




*I watched at the corner of his lips twitched,I smirked and jumped off the bed*




''Fine..I'll just go watch something downstairs if nobody's going to talk to me.It's not like I asked my best friend to stay round in the first place to keep me company,nope...not at all.'' I muttered as I walked to the door.




*I heard the springs on the bed wobble as Justin jumped off the bed and lunged at my wrist,he gripped it lightly and pulled me around to face him,I smirked and looked at him*



''I never said you could leave me..I just wanted you to give in and kiss me.'' Justin pouted.



*I laughed and leaned up and pecked his cheek instantly putting a smile on Justin's face,he wrapped his arms around my waist and placed his head in the crook of my neck,I wrapped my arms around his neck*




''I think we would be such a cute couple.'' Justin stated.




*I scoffed and pulled away*




''You ruined the moment,doofus,come on..let's find a movie to watch.'' I giggled walking back over to the TV.




*I sat down on the floor and began looking through the stack of DVD's*




''What about....Forrest Gump?'' I asked,taking the case out of the pile.



''Nah.'' Justin muttered.



I sighed. ''Sydney Whit-''



*I felt a huge weight on my back pressing me to the floor,I turned my head slightly to see Justin's soft dirty blonde hair touching my face,I laughed and turned back around,Justin wrapped his arms over my shoulders and draped them around my stomach and lifted up his feet so his whole weight was on me*



''BLEGH...Justin! mooveee.'' I whined,trying to tip him off my back.




''NO! Your comfy.'' Justin murmured.




''Dude! movvveee,your so heavy.'' I spluttered,trying to catapult him off my back.



*Justin clutched my shirt in his hands as he tried to stay on my back*




''Am not! My mom says I'm the perfect weight for someone my age! couldn't say the same about you though.'' Justin stated.




*I scoffed and flung his arms off my  shirt and threw them over my back,I heard a loud thud and a groan but I kept my eyes on the TV*




''You're so fucking harsh.'' I muttered.




''You know I was kidding.'' Justin laughed,leaning over my shoulder to look at my face.




I pushed him away from me. ''Fuck off.'' I spat.



*I heard Justin sigh as he sat infront of me,trying to get my attention*




''Your not fat,Morgan..your perfect weight,I was kidding.'' Justin sighed,putting his hands on my shoulders.



I shrugged them off. ''Well even if you are kidding,every girl will take it to heart even if they're anorexic.'' I mumbled.




''You know I was-''




''Yeah...but I know I need to loose weight,you don't need to hint at me!'' I cried in frustration.







''No! It's not fair! you took it too far!'' I yelled.



*Justin sighed and got up,walking behind me,he tapped me on the shoulder but I just directed my gaze at the TV*



''Stand up.'' Justin spoke.



I ignored him.




''Morgan...stand up.'' 



I once again,ignored him.




''Fine,play it the hard way.'' Justin muttered.



*I rolled my eyes just as I felt Justin sprawl out on my back,gripping under my stomach,I tried to throw him off again but he held on tighter,nestling his head in the crook of my neck*



''JUSTIN!'' I cried in frustration,trying to pry his arms off me.



*My legs were pressed to my chest as Justin continued to put all his weight on my back*




''Forgive me.'' Justin whispered into my neck.







''Forgive me or there will be consequences.''




''Challenge accepted.'' I muttered.



''Fine.'' Justin smirked.



*Justin began to lean forwards towards my head with his lips puckered,My eyes widened and I instantly looked the other way just as I felt his lips place on my cheek*



''Woah woah woah,hold the fuck up! who said anything about kissing?'' I muttered.




''I told you,your facing the consiquences.'' Justin stated before leaning back in and puckering up.



''Dude! get away! you have cooties!'' I shrieked trying to push him off my back.



*Justin clung on tighter and wrapped his arms around my stomach,he began pecking different places on my neck,I swatted at his face to get him to stop but he kept dodging my hits*




''JUSTIN! I swear to god!'' I screamed in frustration,trying to head butt him in the face.



''If your trying to head butt me it's not going to work,just say that your not fat then we can watch the movie,either way I'm satisfied.''




''Mmm..you would be.'' I muttered.




Justin scoffed. ''Whatever.'' 




''Shut up and get off me.'' I spat.




''No can do babe.'' Justin whispered into my ear.




''Your so annoying,what the actual fuck!'' I cried in frustration. ''Sometimes I wonder why were even friends.'' I muttered.




''Oh yeah?''Justin smirked.



*Before I could catch on to his remark he began kissing my hair again,I wriggled frantically trying to get Justin off me,but he clung on tighter*



''You're a little prick,do you know that?'' I giggled.



*I felt Justin smile against my skin before he pecked it again,I moved my head again,suddenly a small yelp escaped Justin's lips,I turned around once Justin fell back and hit the ground clutching his nose,I laughed and sat down next to him*



''Fucking hell Morgan!'' He murmured.







''You head butted me in the nose! oh my god!'' Justin cried.




''Karma...bitch.''I stated before sanding up,before I could even step one foot,Justin pulled my arm sending me crashing to the floor.



''What the fuck was that for?'' I yelled,clutching my stinging knees.



''Kiss me.'' Justin whispered.








''Kiss me.'' 




''Why?'' I spat.




''Because you practically broke my nose,so kiss me and your forgiven.'' Justin stated.



''What? no! Justin! we went through this!'' I practically yelled.



''If you don't kiss me..I'm going home.'' Justin spoke,raising his eyebrow.




''Seeya later then.'' I muttered before standing up and walking over to the bed.



*Justin got up and sighed,before sitting on the bed beside me*




''Fine...you win,I wasn't going to go home anyway..I knew you wouldn't cope...because you love me and the company I bring.'' Justin shrugged.



I scoffed. ''Whatever dickface,now..let's watch something.'' 




''Insidious.'' Justin smirked.




''Hell no.'' 







''Am not!''



''Prove it.'' 




''Fine,you got me...now shut the fuck up and let me prove you wrong.'' I muttered before pressing play.



''I'm here if you need a cuddle,if it get's too scary..just know I'm here.'' Justin smiled sweetly.



''Thanks,but no thanks..I think I'll be okay.'' 



*Justin laughed and rested his head on the head board,I shuffled closer to him and laid my head on his shoulder,Justin looked over and bit his lip*







''Your just really cute.'' He stated.



I smiled and faced the screen. ''Thanks,you too.'' 




I felt Justin stare at me which was a little uncomfortable,but after about a minute he faced the TV.







''OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!'' I screamed,clutching Justin's t-shirt as the woman's face popped up at the window.



*I hid my face in Justin's chest and he automatically wrapped his arm around my back,gently stroking it in a soothing way*




''Wan't me to turn it off,Morgs?'' Justin whispered in my ear.



*I nodded vigrously breathing heavily as screams echoed from the TV,Justin laughed and got up off the bed,as I hid my face in his pillow momentarily before he returned*



''I put in Mean Girls,If that's okay..I don't want you having nightmares before you sleep.'' Justin stated,sitting back on the bed again.



*I nodded and sat up,resting my head on the headboard*




''Hey! who said you couldn't cuddle me when I got back?'' Justin chuckled.



*I laughed and rested my head on his chest again,Justin wrapped his arms around my waist and stroked my hip soothingly,he looked over at me and smiled,before he placed a small kiss on my forehead*



Justin's been so sweet to me recently,everything he does is so cute and puts a smile on my face,even if we have small fights Justin always turns them into tickle wars,I really love his company.I can trust Justin with my life and I feel something special between us,but I'm not sure If I want my heart broken again,because I've let my guard down too many times.



*Justin placed his hand over mine which was resting on his stomach and began to rub his thumb over it,my eyes became droopy as the heartbeat of Justin's and my breathing began to match,I slowly shut my eyes as my eyelids were fighting to close*



''Let's get you to bed,sweetie.'' Justin whispered.



*I saw the flash of the TV turn black and a small thump was heard,evident that the remote had been placed on the table,Justin then picked me up slowly and pulled back the covers,gently putting me under them before wrapping my up like a burrito,I heard the clank of Justin's belt as he pulled off his trousers,he dumped his shirt on the floor only leaving him in his pants and slowly climbed into bed,careful not to wake me up*



Justin leaned over. ''Goodnight,beautiful.'' He whispered before he placed a small kiss on my temple.



*Justin placed his arm around my waist as he scooted closer to me,nestling his head in my neck,I felt his warm breath circle my shoulder and I instantly fell into a deep sleep*



With Justin close by my side,I fell asleep,and let me tell you it was the best sleep I've had in a while.

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