Under The Mistletoe

When Morgan and her family get invited to a Christmas celebration party,she stumbles across Justin Bieber,the charming young boy of every girls dream,when things spark between the two,will it last forever? or was it just a Christmas holiday fling that erases all happy memories between the two,forever.


13. don't you get it?



Justin's POV:


It's really starting to piss me off the way Morgan leads me on sometimes,I mean..one day she's totally flirting with me and getting all cosy and shit with me,then within the next hour she's complaining to me telling her she's not ready for a relationship again after that complete jackass Callum screwed up his chances with her...now forgive me if I'm wrong but that's completely out of order,she's sending me mixed emotions when she knows I like her...I mean,does this girl want to lead me on? is that her intention? or am I actually getting somewhere and she's actually going to date me? I have no fucking idea right now.



*I immediately jumped when Morgan shuffled in my lap leaning her head into the crook of my neck,I sighed and rested my cheek on her forehead,wrapping my arms tight around her stomach as she layed inbetween my legs peacefully*



''Morgan...we need to talk.'' I muttered,watching as the adverts rolled in from the film we were watching.



*Morgan moved her head away from my neck and frowned up at me*



''Shoot.'' She whispered,as she stared at my eyes then my lips and back up to my eyes again.



''See! this is it! you're giving me mixed emotions! you stare at my lips and when I go to kiss you something always stops you,but you give me the impression in the first place!'' 



''Oh im sorry I look at peoples lips sometimes when they speak.'' She replied sarcastically.



''But its true,you lead me on in different ways aswel...I mean one day you let me kiss you and cuddle you,then other days it's like I'm a stranger to you or something,it's not right and I'm getting tired of it.'' I yelled.



''I already told you-''



''I can't because I still love Callum,yeah yeah I know,but it's not right...he abused you Morgan,you need to let go of him,he's no good!'' 



''And what makes you think that I don't think you'll do the same to me? huh? ever thought about that?'' 



''I can't believe you just said that...I haven't known you long but I care about you enough to protect you and keep you from harm,I would never hit a woman and that's a promise,its disrespectful and disgusting,I would never in my life treat you wrong..you mean allot to me even though I haven't known you long,so why are you being so selfish and trying to make an excuse up to cover up the real reason why you wont give me a chance? huh?'' 



''Justin! why are you springing this up on me now? I mean we just started to watch a movie and you decide it's the perfect time to bring up irrelivant shit!''She yelled,pulling away from my chest and sitting up at the other end of the couch.



''It may be irrelivant to you Morgan,but this means everything to me,and it's not fair...I've been thinking about this for a couple of days and it's really confusing the fuck out of me...do you like me or not?'' I breathed,trying to vent my anger through breathing techniques.



''Yes!! I do like you Justin,but your rushing into things!'' She yelled,throwing her hands out in frustration.



''Oh please...it's not like I'm asking to marry you and start a family,I'm asking if you would give me a chance and be mine,I mean what the fucks your problem?'' I shouted back.



''I have no problem,your the one bringing this shit up!'' She retaliated.



''Yeah..well it's understandable because any boy in this situation wouldn't like to just be put to the side and only noticed when the other person feels like it,I'm not a toy Morgan,I have a fucking heart and your playing with it.'' I spat,picking up a pillow and throwing it onto the floor.



''I have my reason's so just drop it!'' She retorted,slamming her fist into the couch.



''No! I need to know now why you don't like me being affectionate to you when we both like each other! I would understand if your not interested but you said you are!''



''When did I say that then?'' 



''See! here we go again! mixed emotions Morgan! mixed fucking emotions..one minute you say you like me the next minute you want to be friends..it doesn't work like that.'' I spat.






''No! just hear me out! I need to get this off my chest! It's been bottled up but I need to get it all out,It's been killing me!''



*Morgan just groaned and dug her head into a pillow*



''Stop that! I'm trying to be mature here and sort things out and you're doing stupid shit like that!'' I yelled,pulling the pillow away from her face.



''In what way is this immature..I just don't want to talk to you right now!'' She yelled back.



''It's immature in every way Morgan! you're supposed to be my best friend and listen to what I have to say!'' 



''Yeah well let's keep it that way,I don't want to be more than friends.'' She muttered looking down.



''You know what? I'm done...this whole thing is fucked up,and I'm done waiting for you..your doing it for attention and I'm sick of it,I'm leaving.'' I muttered,climbing off the couch and walking to the door.



''You know what? fine! see if I care!'' She yelled back.






''GOOD!'' She screamed,tears running down her face.



*She walked out into the hallway and stood in front of me as I put on my Supras*



''And before you ask..this friendship is over,I don't want to see you again.'' Morgan stated.



''Looks like that's one thing we agree on.'' I spat bitterly. 



''Goodbye Justin.'' She muttered,with her head held high.



''Bye.'' I stated before I pushed past her and opened the front door.



I shivered as I entered the harsh icy winds of the night,I pulled my jacket closer to my body as I trudged through the snow,covering my Supra's in slush and water,soaking my socks as the water seeped through my shoes,I gritted my teeth and ignored it as I carried on walking down the road in order to start the path to get to my house,I carefully clutched onto the tree's as I descended the hill,making sure I didn't slip and fall,I sighed as my eyes became watery,I looked back at Morgan's house to see her staring at me from her bedroom window,we just started at each other for a couple of seconds before she disappeared,I sighed and began my walk home hoping against hope I don't catch frost bite or a vicious cold.



'And before you ask,this friendships over,I don't want to see you again' 


'Looks like that's something we agree on'



I couldn't help but cringe at my stupid words I said to her,of course I didn't want to end our friendship,Morgan will always be my bestfriend,but I just can't seem to turn around and tell her how I really feel..I'll just get knocked down once again and be more hurt than I am now.



I just want the Morgan I met to come back...not the anxious,shy Morgan which has recently appeared out of no where...I wan't my Morgan back...



And I want her back now..






Sorry it's short and horrible,I just wanted to update:)


awh Jorgan has had a break:(


that's saaaadddd...













Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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