The Hybrid

I thought, he was normal. Just a normal average guy. But he isn't. He is far from normal. Supernatural. How...... Can this be? It seems..... impossible to be true.


25. Night at the school

Louis's P.O.V

"Harry I can't believe we still don't know who went into my room telling Eleanor she was gonna be a wolf." I said.

"I know. I'm sorry mate. We will soon find out." Harry said patting my back.


Rachel walked in the room in a floral skirt that reached above her knees, a white tank, with a full black varsity, some netted stockings, and combat boots. Her hair had one braid and the Rest was straight.


"Someone looks like she's going somewhere." I said.

"I need to tell you guys something." Rachel said. She sounded serious.


Both Harry and I sat up.


"What's up Babe?" Harry asked her.

"D-Darien and Demetri are... D-dead?" She said.

"When did this happen?" I asked.

"Remember when I said I was done with morning jogs. Well one morning I found their dead bodies. I think the alpha killed them." I said.

"Why didn't you tell us soon?" Harry asked.

"I thought you guys would find out." She said.

"And Harry. Haley... Is their sister." She said.

"WHAT?!" Harry yelled.

"She thought I killed them and attacked me, but I'm fine." She said.


Harry fist tightened.


"She didn't mean it, Harry." She said.

"She shouldn't have done that." Harry punched the wall.

"Harry if you were dead and I thought some person killed you, I would probably kill that person. She had a right. Somehow." She said touching Harry's cheek and he calmed down.

"Anyways, why are you so dressed up?" He asked.

"Stiles and Scott need me for something." She said.

"I gotta go they are gonna be here in like a minute." She said.

"Okay." He said and kissed her forehead and Rachel walked out the door.

"Harry don't you think Rachel might be up to something, like she... Doesn't joke around and never lies." I said.

"Are you saying Rachel is lying and she is the person who went in your room that night? Louis don't get me angry. She would never lie about something like that." He said.

"Sorry mate. I don't know what I was saying." I said.

"It's fine." Harry said slouching on the couch.


Rachel's P.O.V

I was going to tell Harry and Louis that I was the one who went into his room that night, but it couldn't come out.


I was in Stiles jeep with Scott.


"Why am I here?" I asked.

"Derek's got my boss." Scott said.

"Where is he?" I asked.

"We are following him right now." Stiles said.

"Wow." I said.


Then we stopped at the school.


I got out of the car, "Out of all places, here?!" I asked.

"Yeah." I heard Derek's voice.

"Where is Deaton?" Scott asked.

Derek went to check his car.

"He's gone!" Derek said.


All of a sudden Derek was lifted into the air he started spitting out blood and he was thrown to the wall knocked unconscious.


"Derek!" I yelled. Then I met eyes with the alpha. I gasped.

"Come one!!" Stiles grabbed my arm and all 3 of us ran into the school.

"Nice. You brought me here to die with you both!" I yelled.


"Shut up you too!! How are we gonna lock this damn door?!" Scott yelled.


Stiles took a glimpse outside.


"I know what to do." He said and ran out.

"Is Stiles crazy?! He is the one who isn't supernatural!" I whispered yelled.

"He is... Stiles!" Scott said.


Stiles was running from the Alpha. We opened the door for him and he ran inside putting something on the door handles.


I got up and started walking towards the halls.


"Rachel what are you doing?!" Stiles asked.

"You wanna stay there? I know he is gonna break through the doors and I don't wanna be there when it breaks through." They both got up and ran by my sides as we walk through the halls.

"Where are we gonna go?" Stiles asked.

We heard bangs on the front door.

"I don't know about you two but I'm gonna run!" I said and started running.

We ran into a classroom pushing a desk to the door.

"What are we gonna do? We can't destroy the school to run away from the alpha. No one will believe us." Stiles said.

"We'll just have to destroy this school to save our lives." Scott said.

We heard bangs on the door as well as growls.

We ran through the classroom's back door.


We ran down the stairs running through the halls to the locker room.

"I'm gonna die because of Stiles." I said.

"Hide!" Scott said and he hid in lockers.


The air got tense.


5 heartbeats?


What the heck?


Then I was pulled out of the locker.

"What the heck are you kids doing here?!" He yelled.

"Uh we-"

"It doesn't matter. Just get out!!" 

"Um no.--"


He shoved us outside the locker room into the halls.

"Guys I heard--" I was cut off by the janitor screaming, being shoved to the window of the door.


Blood everywhere.


The door dropped with the janitor on it.


We started running.

We reached a classroom.


The alpha ran in the room all the way into the back room and Scott and Stiles shoved the desk to the door.


They both started breathing heavily.

"I want to get a good view of him." Stiles said.

"Are you crazy?!" I said in a whisper yell.

"No." He said climbing on the desk to the doors window.


"You know what buddy, I'm not afraid of you." Stiles said.

"Because there is no way your getting out of here." Stiles said and the alpha jumped through the ceiling.

Where it walked on the ceiling had dents.


"Stiles it's your fault. Run!" I said and we ran out of the classroom through the halls.


A phone rang.


"You here that ring." Scott said.

"Yeah." I said and gasped.

"It's Allison's." He said.

"Stiles give me your phone." He said and dialled Allison's number.

"Why are you here?"

"Where are you?" 

"Meet us in the lobby." He said and hanged up.


"Let's go!" Scott said and we ran to the lobby.


"Allison why are you here?" I asked her hugging her.

"Scott texted me." She said.

"I texted you?" He said.

"I don't even have my phone." He said checking his pockets.

"Why do I have the feeling you didn't send that text?" Allison asked. She sounded scared.

"Because I didn't." He said.


Then Jackson and Lydia burst through the doors.


"What the hell?" Lydia said.

"So here is Scott? Why are you here at the school at this time of night?" Jackson asked with his arms crossed.


Then we heard banging sound.


"It found us!" I said.

"Run!" Scott said.

We ran into the classroom.


"What was 'it'?" Lydia asked.

The alpha came in the classroom and everyone started running through the back door. I swear I'm just noticing the school has lots of back doors.

We ran into a classroom and Jackson, Lydia, Allison and Scott shoved all kinds of stuff to the doors. They are real stupid. 

"Guys." Stiles called and they continue what try were doing.

"Guys." He called again and they still continued.

"GUYS!!" Stiles and I yelled.

They all looked at us.

"What are you gonna do about the 20 feet of windows?" He asked.

They all sighed.

The desks started shaking.


We all ran through the back door climbing the stairs reaching the classroom and locking the door.


"Scott... What was that?" Allison asked. He didn't answer.


"SCOTT!!" She yelled.

"It's Derek." He said. Is he serious?

"Derek Hale?" Jackson asked.

"Rachel, is it Derek?" Lydia asked.

"I-I don't know who it is." I said.

"What does he want with us?" Allison asked Scott.

"I don't know." Scott said.


Scott went to talk to Stiles and came back saying, "I'm going to get the Janitor's keys so we can escape to the roof." He said.

"Hahaha! That is the funniest thing I ever heard!" I said dying of laughter.

"I'm serious." He said.

"Scott you can't go." Allison said.

"I have to. To save everyone's lives." He said. Trying to play hero. 

"I'll go." I said.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Stiles yelled.

"Shut up!" I said.

"If you go, get killed, your boyfriend will make sure I die." Stiles said.

"I won't die." I said.

"Yes, you will." He said.

"Your hoping I die? Thanks." I said.

"You can't go Rachel." Jackson said.

"I will go with Scott." I said.

"But you can't go in armed." Allison said.

Scott grabbed the pointer.

"Are you serious? My fist is stronger than that." I said with my arms crossed.

"It's better than nothing." Scott said.

"Nothing is better than that." I said.

"Rachel your hilarious." Jackson said.

"We can make a moltive cocktail." Lydia said.


"A moltive cocktail!" She said and everyone looked at her.

"What? It was something I read up." She said and they started making the cocktail.


"Okay. Lock the door behind me." Scott said. I eyed him.

"Us." He corrected his self.

"Scott and Rachel. Don't go. Please." Allison was crying.

"As I said, lock the door behind us." Scott said.


Allison pulled Scott into a long kiss.


"I'm going." I said removing the chair from the door.

They broke the kiss and Scott and I walked outside the classroom.


"Where to first?" I asked.

"We should check the locker room first." He said.


We went to the locker room.


"Nothing, here. The Alpha must've taken the body." I said.

"R-Rachel..." Scott stuttered.


I turned around seeing the alpha.


I growled.


I ran to the alpha, swinging my claws at it. It dodge all of my attacks.


It grabbed my neck.


Choking me slowly.


"Stop!!!" Scott yelled and I was thrown against the locker.

The alpha ran away.


"Rachel are you okay?" Scott asked running to me.

"I'm fine. Go." 

"I'm not going!"

"I'll heal. Go find the janitor and get everyone out." I said groaning in pain.


"Scott please go... For Allison." I said.

He shook his head.


"If you don't go... The alpha will kill them." I said.

"Okay, but if anything... You need to call me immediately."

"I will." I said and he left. 


When I healed fully, I ended up following Scott's trail, but loosing his scent catching Allison's which led me to the pool.


I heard a growl behind me.


The alpha found me. I took a few steps back and I fell into the pool.


The alpha wasn't going in the pool.

It ran away.


I stayed in the pool for awhile. 

I heard a howl.


I screamed as my bones where moving on their own. I was drowning all of a sudden I shifted.

I swam to surface getting out of the pool soaking wet.


I walked into the halls slowly and dropped my jacket.


Making sound with my nails as they made contact with the lockers.


I heard sirens and I fainted.


Scott's P.O.V

I shifted back to human after the alpha made me shift.

I thought about Allison. She helped me shift back. I walked through the halls catching Rachel scent.

I found her on the floor unconscious.

"Rachel, Rachel..." I said shaking her. Well she isn't getting up. I picked her up bridal style.


Stiles dad walked in.


"Scott? Rachel? What happened?" He asked.



Rachel's P.O.V

I woke up in Harry's jacket, in a towel and in his arms.

"Babe, you alright?" He asked.

"Yeah." I said shivering.


His lips touched mine giving me a long kiss.


"Um... Rachel?" Stiles came causing Harry and I to break our kiss.

"Whaaaaat??" I asked irratated.

"I... Found your jacket." He said handing it to Harry.

"Thanks." I said leaning onto Harry's chest as Stiles left to talk to Scott.

"Can we leave?" I asked him.

"Not yet. Until they make sure that you're okay to go." He said rubbing my back.

Harry took out a small box from his pocket.

I looked at him wide eyed.

He chuckled, "I'm not proposing." He said and I let out a huge sigh of relief.

"If I did propose... You wouldn't say yes?" Harry asked. "I just think it would be too soon." I said honestly.

"Oh. What I actually wanted to give you was this necklace..." He said opening the box.


It was a werewolf. It was beautiful. I loved it.


This is soon to be finish, but I'll be doing a second book. Long chapter.



"Do you like it?" He asked.

"I love it." I said smiling.

"I was going to give it to you on your birthday, but I- I don't know." Harry said.

"I love it. I'll say it a hundred times if I have to." I said staring into his eyes. He smiled placing the necklace around my neck. 


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