High school and justin bieber *sequel*

this is the sequel to high school and Justin bieber so I suggest if you haven't read that yet then read it before you read this.


1. i need to know justin

its been a few months and its going good with me and Justin just being friends. Austin and I are still together and Justin and Brielle are together and they are the cutest couple ever.

Justin: what are you thinking about Savannah?

Savannah: just how you and Brie are super duper cute

Justin: thanks pal

Savannah: no problemo

Did I mention that me and Justin are best friends? sense we broke up we have been hanging out as friends and I mean me and Brie are best friends still but its different with Justin because its no drama and he understands me so well.

Justin: were on earth is Brie?!

Savannah: are you ok?

Justin: no its just that she has been late for everything lately and its riving me crazy.

Savannah: what has she bee late for?

Justin: we planed on meeting at the movies the other night to just hang out and have fun but she was 4 hours late

Savannah: 4 hours late??

Justin: yeah and if she was late  an 1 or half an hour maybe that would be fine but 4 hours late? we missed the movie

Savannah: that's so weird because Austin was late for our date the other night

Justin: how long?

Savannah: 3 or 4 hours

Justin: wow that's weird

Savannah: yeah I know it is, you don't think that they were hanging out do you?

Justin: no they couldn't do that to us and they wouldn't

Savannah: well me and Austin have a date tonight and don't you and brie have a date?

Justin: yeah we do

Savannah: so lets follow them and see what there doing that makes them late for our date

Justin: no

Savannah: Justin don't you want to know if there cheating on us?

Justin: listen I actually trust my girlfriend unlike you

Savannah: Justin I just want to figure out what's going on with them

Justin: Savannah no means no I love Brie and I'm not just going to follow her and see if she's cheating in me with you boyfriend

Savannah: well fine ill just do it myself

Justin: you are not following her

Savannah: said who?

Justin: said me

Savannah: its none of your business what I do with my best friend

Justin: she's my girlfriend so yeah it Is my business

Savannah: I knew her first

Justin: she loves me more

Savannah: you know what Justin this is the first time that you have ever made me feel like this is and i'm not liking it so just shut up and leave me alone because were supposed to be best friends and your not acting like a friend right now friends are supposed to be  there for each other and your not being there for me when I need you. Justin I need to know if he's cheating on me, I love him

Justin: and I love Brie and that's why i'm not doing this

I take back what I said about no drama


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