Together Everafter (Accidental Fate Sequel!)

Alice finds herself on the same path as earlier, only it's real this time. Along side her best friends and boyfriend, she's learning to veer her life down the right path, rather the sticky one which occurred in her dream. Although, Alice still faces the big question, should she tell Harry about her dream? What would he think of her after that? Would he think she's nuts? Or completely understand? In the end will her horrific dream come to life? Or will Alice succeed in avoiding that sticky fate?
It's Yellow Rated, for language, and I MIGHT add some dirty scenes...I'm not sure how ya'll would like that though.


2. Chapter 1

"Alice?" Harry looked up at me with his emerald green eyes.


This cannot be happening. My life cannot go down the same path as my dream.


"I haven't seen you in forever? How have you been?" Harry broke me from my deep thoughts.

"Oh..erm...yeah....long time no see?" It came out more as a question than statement, remembering my dream.

The remainder of the plane ride we caught up with each other, and eventually I forgave his absence from my life the past several years considering his life has changed. A lot. In fact, I even fell asleep snuggled up to him later on  in the ride. Although, hours into my slumber a began being shook furiously, fearing the worse I shot up my sleep.

"NO! I CAN'T DIE!" I screamed, thinking the plane was crashing.

Looking around, I noticed no one else was panicking....In fact, barely anyone was on the plane.

"Whoa, Al! Calm down!" Harry laughed. "We've only landed."
Blushing I sighed oh and grabbed my bags. Walking off the plane, Harry offered to give me a ride to the hotel. Happily, I accepted. Of course, his ride was a limo. Minutes later we arrived at the hotel, girls screaming and chanting Harry's name and One Direction songs. Finally minutes later we made it inside, trust me that took some effort considering the girls were like swarming us and Harry didn't have any guards with him. Deciding to unpack, I went to my room and Harry went to his. As I walked in the door I totally forgot Lily came with me, so I was taken back by her sitting on the couch.

"Whoa." I gasped seeing her.

"What happened to you?!" She yelled. "I couldn't find you anywhere and you weren't answering your calls!"

"Sorry! Sorry!" I threw my hands in the air. "I was distracted by Harry!"

"Harry?!" She gasped.

"Yes. Harry. He WAS on the plane.."

"Like your..."

"Yes, like my dream." I sighed. "This really is freaking me out, our hotel room even looks like the one in my dream. I really need to be careful, what if them girls are real?!"

"Don't worry Al, it'll all be okay."

"I guess..." I mumbled walking towards my room. I knew where it was considering it was the exact same as my dream. An hour later my room was perfect.

Loudly, my phone began blaring some random song, which was my ringtone. Not caring to see who it was, I answered.


"Al Bear!" A deep voice exclaimed. I immediately recognized it as Harry.

"HarBear! What's up?!"

"I'm bored!" He groaned. "Lets hang out!"
"Alright, what shall we do on this fine evening?" I tried to use my British accent but failed epically, leading to me laughing.

"Same old Al, laughing at her stupidity!" harry exclaimed breaking me from my laughter, oh gosh I forgot I was on the phone with him!

"Meet me at the pool in 15! The boys are coming too."
"Alright, cya!" I exclaimed hanging up. I guess Lily can come since the boys are too.

"Get ready loser, were going to the pool with the boys!" I exclaimed walking into the living room where Lily was.

*At the pool*

So we splashed around and played random games in the pool for nearly 2 hours. Like in my dream, the pool as on the roof and had many dazzling lights. Meanwhile, were all sitting poolside in chairs talking.

"I think we should all go somewhere fun tomorrow!" Louis shouted.

"Like where?" Harry asked.

"Nandos!!" Niall shouted, sending him and Lily into a fit of laughter. I think them 2 have got something going on..

"No. Niall. Just no!" I laughed.

"I recon the amusement park would be fun!" Liam suggested.

"YES!" Louis jumped from his seat. Everyone nodded in agreement. Frozen, I couldn't respond to the suggestion.

"Then it's settled! The amusement park it is!" Zayn exclaimed.

Terrified, I noticed Lily looking at me with worry in her eyes.

This. Cannot. Be. Happening.








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