Future Gladiator

Seventeen year old Burnet is brutally taken from her home to become the face of the Government Gladitorial Division. Her story will unravel both her past and her future and force her to make decisions with both consequences and rewards. Friends will become enemies and enemies may be the exact opposite of what they appear.


11. Your Quarters

A revolting stench hits me as soon as I enter the room behind Sirs. Aguedo is scrutinising my face for some reason and I quickly wipe my face so it remains devoid of all emotion. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from the numerous books I’ve read it’s that dogs can smell fear. And Aguedo is most definitely a dog. 

We now stand in what I can only describe as horse stables. Minus the horses, although judging by the smell, they were only evicted from here recently. Wooden separators split the stone room into what Aguedo must enjoy calling our 'rooms'. They can't be any bigger than the well in the main square back home. There are only eight rooms, and they all face into the centre of the stables. I’m reminded of the oppressing confines of the cattle slaughterhouse back home and I have no doubts that this was more than likely their thinking when choosing to home us here. They've definitely got their point across then. I walk in further with Sirs and the little girl so that everyone else can cluster in. My eyes are drawn to Shell's face for some reason and I can't believe what I'm seeing. She's smiling.  Why would she smile at this accommodation? Not to mention we could probably die in here as well and yet she still smiles. I'm just pondering the idea that this girl is maybe a teensy bit insane when Aguedo slams the gates behind and locks us in. His leer shows pristine white teeth as he bids us goodbye with a sardonic parody of a wave.

So when Sirs steps out into the middle of the room and faces us no one stops him taking an automatic lead. We're all in so much shock that anyone could take the lead and we'd be thankful. 

"It looks like we better settle in for the night then." He says with a gesture to the stables around us.

It's cold in here and so I quickly step forward to suggest something, mainly because my observations haven't missed the fact that the younger ones are shaking and some are even crying, though that doesn't surprise me. I'm struggling to cope at my age, so I wouldn't have coped at the age of ten that's for sure.

"Maybe we should all pair up with a younger one, and the rest can pair up as well. We'll stay warmer that's for sure. I don't fancy watching these kids turn to icicles." Sirs is nodding in agreement and so I turn around with the girl holding my hand to get into one of the compartments. As we reach one I feel a hand come down on my shoulder.

It's Troja.

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