One Direction Imagines and Prefferences

hey guys so if you want an imagine please tell me with your names age which boy and give me a small scenario and your appearence thanks!! x


5. zayn for deajah :)

zayn's pov

we were sitting in starbucks because we were in a town i can't even remember the name of. when a young girl came in she looked about 17. but she was beautiful. she had curly jet-black hair and the most amazing hazel eyes you have ever seen. ever seen love at first sight? well if you havent well you should have seen me then. we all noticed their was only one seat in the whole place left and it was on our table so when she seen it she came over.

'hey guys sorry is it alright if i sit here cause there's no where else?'

'of course love thats fine' louis said grinning at her she smiled at us.

then for some reason she frowned and looked at us obviously thinking alot.

'i've seen you lot before but i dont know where and dont tell me cause i will get it in a minuet.'

we sat their for a minuet and suddenly we heard


'oh thats my coffe be back in 2 ticks' she smiled again and walked to get it.

when she came abck little things came onto the radio and we went quiet listning when we heard a her softly singing

hen out of the blue she clicked her fingers and said 'i know where i've seen you. your my favorite everr band! how could i forget. stupid, stupid me!'

'haha o you like our music?' i asked finally getting the courage to speak to her

'who's your favorite?' louis asked

she went bright red. 'yes i love your music and *cough*zayn*cough* sorry i have a bad cough.' she said sarchastically, we all laughed

'well tell you what heres zayns number text him!' louis says laughing

'haha okay well i've gotta go anyway so i'll speak to you later' she said and walked off

we walked back to the studio and i got a text

from: unknown

hey zayn its deajah just wondering do u wanna go for a coffe sometime?'

i smiled replyed 'yes please xx' and then went to work

that was the start of a beautiful relationship


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