One Direction Imagines and Prefferences

hey guys so if you want an imagine please tell me with your names age which boy and give me a small scenario and your appearence thanks!! x


19. Niall for Mary :)

Inspired by Romeo and Juliet

"Thus with a kiss I die."
(5.3.121), Romeo


They were running for their lives down the backstreets of London. They were not safe, they never were. Niall and Mary were lovers. Lovers whose parents were at war fighting for reasons unknown. The cobbled backstreets uneven under their feet as they ran. As they rounded the nearest corner hoping to lose their pursuers Mary stumbles and falls to the ground. Niall keeps running unaware the his love is sprawled on the ground unable to move due to the fact that she was out of breath and she had sprained her ankle in the fall.


“Niall!” Mary called her voice desperate, she could hear footsteps growing closer and guns being locked and loaded.


“Mary!” Niall screamed running back to her side trying to help her up.


“Go Niall! They’re after me. Save yourself!” Mary cried tears streaming from her hazel eyes.


“I’ll never leave you. Ever. We made a promise remember?” Niall said, choking on his words as he was crying too.


“We’re in this together,” Mary replied.


“I found them!” a man shouted rounding the corner spotting the two lovers sharing their first and last kiss.


“I love you,” they both whispered to each other as a gun was fired twice, their bodies motionless on the ground looking peaceful, embracing each other for the final time.

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