One Direction Imagines and Prefferences

hey guys so if you want an imagine please tell me with your names age which boy and give me a small scenario and your appearence thanks!! x


15. niall for jojo :)

jojo's pov

'babe you ready to go?' my boyfriend suddenly shouted from down the stairs,

'YEAH!!!' you felt like being crazy that day. you had your bikini on and a dress on over it. you looked in the mirror and smiled. brushed your curly brown hair that niall always loved, grabbed your phone and ran downstairs. he looked brilliant even though he was only in shorts and t-shirt, but you still thought he looked hot.

when you got to the beach you seen it was almost empty with a few people further away. it was beautiful. the sea was gorgeous and it was all amazing, i took my dress of and nialls jaw dropped.

niall's pov

when she took of her dress it was just wow. her body is amazing i swear. i mean shes beautiful anyway, with her curly brown hair and her big beautiful brown eyes that ould make you melt. and when she does the puppy eyes i can't resist. but with the body aswell she is truly stunning. her legs go on forever.

'you done checking me out babe?' she said with a wink

' yeah you done checking me out?' i said. she blushed and lay down

'isnt it beautiful?' she said out of the blue

'yeah it is nice but-'

'dont be cheesy.' she said laughing


'i know what you was gonna say... but not as beautiful as you. its just your type of cheesy joke.'

'ohhhh you read my mind'

'nah your just predictable.' she said yet again laughing.


'yeah niall?

'you know i love you.'

'aww i love you too' she said wrapping her arms around my neck

i did love this girl


sorry its short hope you liked it xx

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