One Direction Imagines and Prefferences

hey guys so if you want an imagine please tell me with your names age which boy and give me a small scenario and your appearence thanks!! x


3. louis for ivonne :)

ivonne's pov


i walked in me and louis shared flat it was strangly quiet.he should be home by now. i went into the kitchen and he wasnt their so i decided to go look for him i put my bags down and looked everywhere. i couldn't find him but then i realised i hadnt looked in the bedroom. i walked in a what i seen shattered my heart and i knew then that all my friends had been righht. he was just like the rest of the famous people. didnt care. and what hurt most we'd been together years. you know wha i saw. him kissing a fake blonde twig. which obviously brought all my insecurities back. yes i udsed to be insecure ive never liked my brown hair. it was dull thas why i put the blond tips. ive never liked my brown eyes which ladfs always said were perfect. louis has been the only lad i've trusted cause he promised not to hurt me.

'l-louis. what are you doing?'

louis pov

i really dont know what i'm doing i have a girlfriend. but this girl is just wow. i mean ivonne is beautiful. i mean her hair her eyes her face i liove everything about her. i shouldnt be doing this but just as im about to push her off i hear that beautiful that i fell in love with

'l-louis what are you doing?'

hearing the hurt in her voice shatters my heart i push the girl off me.

'ivonne please.'

'no louis. my friends were right youre just like the others. im obviously not barbie enough for you.'

and witht hat i watched the girl i love pack her things and leave after that the stupid blonde tried kissing me again. i pushed her off and told her to get lost. i sat down and i cried.

(2 weeks later)

'louis!' i got snapped out of my thoughts by harry i looked round and all the lads were staring at me.. 'seriously you ned to concentrate, whats wrong with you you've been like this for 2 weeks. is it because of ivvone?'

i nodded

'mate seriously you either need to go fins her or get over her its ruining ya. '

'louis ivonnes here she said she needs to speak to you.' paul suddenl;y said and i ran out as fast as i could.

and there she was looking as beautiful as ever she looked at me with those gorgeous brown eyes

'ivone i-'

'stop louis. i came here to say im sorryv for running three reasons

one barbie came and said how she came on to you, two i cant live without you, three alot of the fans said how perfect we are and i realised i love you.'

'ivonne i love you more then anything. thank you.' i ran to her and kissed her then hugged her as much as i could. i really did love this girl.


hope you liked it hunni xx

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