One Direction Imagines and Prefferences

hey guys so if you want an imagine please tell me with your names age which boy and give me a small scenario and your appearence thanks!! x


11. liam for jayda :)

(btw ive changed it so liams 16 and in one direction and all the lads are just a couple of years younger but louis is 18)

jeyda's pov

i was walking down the road with liam my boyfriend and the lads when suddenly all i heard was


and cause im only 13 i got pushed and fell over and then i got stepped on when i heard a fan say 'serves you right for stealing liam of us'

i got up and ran my tears blocking my eyes so i couldnt see where i was going when i heard 3 things before i blacked out. a scream,(my scream) some boys screaming 'NOO!' which sounded oddly like the lads and car breaks then i couldnt feel or see but i could hear. all i could hear i will list

an ambulence siren and police

girls crying

and my amazing boyfriend saying' please wake up hunny i need you please i know your younger then me but i dont care i love you jeyda please fight'

i also i heard the lads crying

liams pov

omg it all happened so fast one minuet me and the lads are sighning then i notice my girlfriend in the road getting hit by a car i mean what if she dies how would i cope and the lads love her as a friend aswll.!!! we wouldnt cope

when we got to the hospital and the doctors were talking all i heard was a few of his words the rest were a blur

'...badly a coma.... dont know how alright....head injurys.' i couldnt help it i started crying

'here to see jayda (y/l/n)?

i jumped up strait away


'follow me 2 at a time.' since louis was the closest friend he came with me.

when we went in she looked still as beautiful but it also was horrible

we stayed there for hours me and louis holding her hands when suddenly i felt a twich in her hand and louis shot up

'did you feel that?' he asked exited

'yeah' i said and couldnt help grinning

'NURSE!!!!!' he yeled as much as he could. by the time th nurse was here she was awake fully.

'good news mr.payne shes going to be alright.'

i was so happy

'she'll have to have some rest so out now please.' the nurse said and we walke dout happy.

my angle was going to be alright


just thought id let you know this was the first idea that came into my head and i cried whilst writiing this so i hope you like it :) xx

another thing to the list please tell me if you now want happy or sad :) xx

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