One Direction Imagines and Prefferences

hey guys so if you want an imagine please tell me with your names age which boy and give me a small scenario and your appearence thanks!! x


17. harry for carrie :)

carrie's pov

i was so happy, harry was gonna be home from xfactor today im so happy, as you can probably tell i've got a small crush on him (note the sarchasm) no i've loved him for years, but to him im just his best friend but oh well.

i was brought out of my thoughts by my phone ringing it was harry.

'hello? carrie?'

'no, its bella swan'

'oh hi bella hows t going? still smiling?'

' haha yeah, hi harry.'

'hey carrie'

'you home yet?'

'yep i am'

'okay im on my way round.'

'but carrie-'

you had already hung up. you grabbed your keys and phone put your shoes on and went round to harrys.

'hey harr-who are you?' you were shocked because there was a fake blonde their.

'wheres harry?'

'firstly i'd like to know who you are. second, harry's inside why would you care.' said the blonde bimbo which i decided to call barbie.

'well one im carrie. two well i care because harry is my best friend. so are you gonna let me in?'


i walked in and passed barbie

'hey carrie....'

'hey harry...' i said trying not to let the tears fall down my face. 'i just came to see how tour was but i guess your busy...'

'carrie wait...'

'no.. have fun with barbie.' i said with one last disgusted glare at barbie i walked out when i heard yelling but i ignored it. i carried on walking when i felt a hand on my shoulder. i spun rouund and seen harry.

'carrie have no idea how much i love you. i have loved you since highschool i never had the guts and that fake blonde was just a distraction to see if you would get jelous or whether you loved me back i do love you not her. i promise. and i want to be with you. i want you to be my girlfriend?'

i stared at him and then nodded my head. 'yeah of course!! i have loved you ages!!!!' and kissed him.

that was the start of an amazing relationship.


hope you liked it sorry for the wait! xx


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