One Direction Imagines and Prefferences

hey guys so if you want an imagine please tell me with your names age which boy and give me a small scenario and your appearence thanks!! x


24. first preference :o :)

hi guys so im gonna start the preferences casue it says imagines and preferences and theres no preferences....ok so this one is my first one and its gonna be a sad one :\ becaus ei have no other idea's....ok so hope you like it it's gonna be a song one with irresistable. but its all gonna be about the girl they love dying cause i think the lyrics some of them sound sweet and about that so i think most of them probably are i dont yet. .-beth xx



heart ache doesnt last forever

i'll say i'm fine

even though your gone liam tries to keep a brave face on. even though inside he is dying. everytime he does a concert he hardly speaks because he knows it was the fans that drove you to what you did so he doesn't comunicate as much. whenever someone askes him if hes alright he'll just say i'm fine. but really he's not because his girl is not with him anymore. because the fans told her to kill herself and she listened. he always told her not to but she couldn't not and thats what drove her to jump. she jumped off a tower block. he was there all the lads were. they was trying to convince her not too.

*what happened*

liams pov

'(y/n) please! don't do it please. at least tell us why?'

'because...the fans im too ugly. im tooo fat! i shouldnt have been born! i don't belong i'm sorry'

i tried walking faorward to stop her but 'don't move or i'll jump further.'

i looked at louis

'(y/n) i'm your best friend.. i've been your friend beofre the band! and you've been through some serious shit but this! this is just bad hun! you don't need to do this!'

'yeah i may have been bullied and not reacted but it desn't mean it all has bubbled up! im sorry.' and thats when she jumped

(y/n) i tried to jump after her but all the lads grabbed me and forced me awy

louis pov

omg i've just lost my best friend i walked over to the edge and looked down and what i seen was not a pretty sght. i started to gag.

'louis you alright?' harry askedbut then he looked down and hocked

'she's gone... she's actually gone. i started to cry sitting on the edge of the building. harr sat next to me i turned round and saw liam sobbing into niall's shoulder i walked over to him

'liam were going to get over this. i promise'

*back to now*

no ones pov

liam and louis both go back every year to the same spot on her birthday christmas and the day she died. they put flowers byher grave also. liam hides what he's acttually feeling inside. and every year he gets a little closer to being better and actually being happier even though he stilll won't talk tp the fans properly. but he's got better.


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