That Irish Boy,Niall Horan

Hannah is a normal girl who is bestfriends with Perrie Edwars.. Yes the Perrie from Little Mix. But what happens when Hannah is dying to find out who Perries boyfriend Zayn Malik from the boyband called One Direction. And she becomes friends with Niall Horan. Will they fall in love or will they remain as friends? Read more to find out

*Niall Horan Fan-Fic*

By hannah


2. Harrys Place

Hannah's P.O.V

Perrie went back to her place to get ready. To be honoust I was looking forward to meeting Perrie's boyfriend.He seems like a really nice guy!. Perrie said that he's in this band called One Direction , I do know who they are I just don't know any of their songs. The only one  I know is Zayn.. I was brought out of my thoughts by a knocking on the door. I went down to answer it and when I did  , standing there was a beautiful Perrie "Oh hey lets go" I said "Are you excited?" Perrie asked "Yeah I'm dying to meet this boyfriend of yours" I said. Perrie smirked. Then we walked into a garden , I looked up at the house and it was huge! We went up and knocked on the door.


Nialls P.O.V

We were waiting for Perrie Zayns girlfriend to come over. He said her friend Hannah. I'm looking forward to meeting Hannah! She sounds nice. *KNOCK KNOCK* "I'll get it" I said. I answered the door and there standing was Perrie and someone who must be Hannah " Hey Perrie come in and uhm who is this?" I asked "Oh Niall this is Hannah! Hannah this is Niall!" Perrie said "Nice to meet you Hannah! G'wan inside the sitting room is just there" I said "Thanks" Hannah said "Wow!" I mumbled to myself. She is beautiful! Wait what am I saying? I dont even know her five minutes and I'm already falling for her! Shut up Niall you're not falling for her! Okay maybe I am.. I stopped thinking about Hannah and walked into the kitchen to get food. I walk into the sitting room. When I walked in Hannah looked and had a shocked face on her I just laughed probally because the amout of food I have.




A/N: uhm here is the second chapter im gonna update as soon as  get back from my grandas:-) and please follow me on instagram : super_girl_xo and follow and suscribe on keek:hannahstone6969 byyeee x                                                                                                                 

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