SEQUEL Is He The One 2 (Niall Horan fanfiction)

The second part of " Is He The One" yupiee in this movella the story will continue,but they will be YOUNG ADULTS!! . There will be alot of drama in this one. SO GET YOUR POPCORN AMD ENJOY READING THIS BOOK!


2. Okay where are we?

Nialls p.o.v

I need to lock my door when im in the toilet seriously......Michelle saw me on the toilet.WHAT A FUCKING FAIL.I was just texting someone.I wasn't doing anything else! I was texting about a house I'm buying for me and Michelle,but i needed to be somewhere private to text because its a surprise for her......I'm glad she didint see me texting.The house is huge and its bigger than this one......But the boys will might live there with us for a few days and then they will buy their own house beside us!The house is maybe a little smaller,but there is a stud that Michelle can run and get herself her own horses and open horseridIng lessons and camps. There is also a music room which has a recording place and my guitars and instruments. I also have a big white piano in that room. There are six master bedrooms, two smaller bedrooms and three much smaller bedrooms.There are six bathrooms.One bathroom is pink, i mean ALL pink,one bathroom is kinda colourful because an special artist decorated it and its very colourful,two bathrooms are all white and the last one is blue.The pink bathroom and the white bathrooms are the biggest.Her parents only know about this and they help me pay all of this.The whole land with everything costed five million..... I know thats lots, but thats for my and Michelles future.I hope she will be happy from the house. Anyways I'll tell you more about the house.There is a huge field with cross-country for the horses and a huge pool in the back garden.Theres also lots of bushes with millions of flowers and roses in the garden.Theres also seats around the pool and tables and a brick barbeque.The house is anyways lovely.Today we're going to the house,but we're told her that we're going to her Aunties.Her Dad told her something i dont know what. Anyways we're going to buy her a new horse.I cant wait till I propose to her,but that will be in maybe a year. We havent done anything special yet..... We're only  very young adults anyways i talked to her about it few weeks ago aswell,but she said she Isin't ready.Well, im definately not ready for that kind of stuff.Okay lets knock on her door. I knock......

"come in!"

I walk in.....

"Oh hi Niall"

"Hi "

"Do you want to go visit your aunties today?"

"Sure is it aunt Katlyn and Aunt Priscilla?"

"Ehhh i think soooo" i said rubbing my head.

I came over and to her and sat on her bed beside her.

"So are we ready to go?"

"Give me five minutes"

"Okay Michelle"

I walked out and went to knock at her dads office.He said he was there so, i come towards and knocked.

"Come in" I hear someone say.

I walk in.

"Mr.Kelly do you want to go now to show Michelle the house,cuz she said that we can go in five minutes"

"Yep sure and Niall i told you, you can call me Nathan, I dont care how you call me,even you can call me father, i know you and Michelle will get married anyways....."

"Not in another year or sooo..."

"I hope you will take care of my daughter, Niall?"

"Yes Mr.... oh Nathan!"

"Okay lets go downstairs Niall, I'll get Michelles mom, she wanted to go with us"

"Okay i'll go get Michelle then"

"Michelle! Are you ready to go?" i screamed while running up the stairs to her bedroom.

I ran up to her bedroom and walked in.

"Hey ye ready?"

"Yup,lets go!"

She took her phone and bag and we walked downstairs.We hoped into Michelles father limo and Jenny started driving us to the house.In about twenty minutes we were starting to pull up to the house.Michelle was talking to Britney on the phone about clothes and other stuff,which was getting kinda annoying when she talks twenty minutes on the phone blah blah blabbing all the time and laughing at nothing.Finally we're here! Uh no more blah blabbing about shit stuff.

"Ehhh where are we Jenny?"

"Niall actually where are we?" Jenny gave me a questioning look.

"Ehhh I'll tell you in a minute Michelle, when we stop, okay?"

"No i want to know! Dad where are we???"

"Wait a moment darling...."

"Okay, i hope its something important....."

Jenny stopped the vechile and we got out of the car.


"Well Michelle your dad will tell you everything im going off with Jenny...... somewhere" and we walked off into the house still able to hear what they were talking about.


Authors note!!!

Hey my strawberrys

Im gonna try my best on this movella!!! I hope you guys like it!!

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