Unexpected Lovers

Alex Aquino is a Badminton player


3. The Rude Boy: Niall James Horan

(A/N: Hey guys!!! I'm going to say that this chapter is too short again cause my friend has no idea how make the chapter long :) but she will try it :D so I'm going back to the story :D enjoy!!! :* )


Then Niall, the most rude boy among the 5 boys is eating inside the canteen. He got bored so he went out and walk outside. When the food he was eating is gone, he threw his garbage on the floor. Zooey, one of the school's officer saw what he did. She confronted him.


"Hey!! why did you threw your garbage here!!!??" Zooey shouts to Niall

"Why?? What are you going to do? then Zooey picked up the garbage then she threw it to Niall's face

"Don't you ever try to throw here again!!" Zooey shouts to Niall

"I warn you, don't you ever do this again to me!!!" Niall shouts to Zooey

"You have no rights to warn me like that!" Zooey said

"Rights? Rights! Oh! I'm the law!!!" Niall said then go away.



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