Unexpected Lovers

Alex Aquino is a Badminton player


4. Chapter 3

(A/N: Hey guys!!.. this chapter is also so short sorry for that and i don't know what to name this chapter so i want suggestions of title for this chapters so I'm going back to make the story now :D so enjoy!! :* )


Niall went to the classroom with an angry face. His 4 friends are talking to each other then they notice Niall's face.

"What's wrong mate?" Louis said

"Nothing! I just met the most irritating woman in school. She is a badminton player with a slim body and have a long black straight hair (sorry i forgot to say that i have a long hair but it's not long just it's loose in my shoulders :) going back to the story) Do you know who she is?" Niall said

"I know who she is!!" Zayn exclaimed

"What did you tell her?" Liam asked curiously

"Nothing! I just said that I'm the law!" Niall said while laughing

"Why did you said that!? She's a teacher's pet and for sure Mrs. Jordan will know about this and reprimand you!" Louis said while confusing

"Then what should i do!?" Niall said shouting while confusing

"Say sorry to her" Harry said

"Of course, I won't do that!" Niall exclaimed proudly

"Think of it or Mrs. Jordan will scold you!" Liam shouts at Niall

"Ok! ok! C'mon! Help me to find her mates!" Niall shouts out them
"Ok! then let's go find her!" Zayn said then all of them left and run to go find Zooey.

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