I Thought I knew You...

Eliza, has lost everything. Her life, her entire childhood and a parent but can she strive to find the hidden thoughts of her Father and secrets long forgotten?


1. The Accident

"Thought I knew you… how could you have done this to us! Destroyed everything in your path and just ran out on me, to escape the evidence. I hate you.” A slap came my way before I knew what was happening. Smack! Blood trickled onto the floor. He grabbed hold of me. “I could scream, you know. And you could never stop me from doing that…” He thrust his hand over red, soaked lips.

“You wouldn't  dare!” Attempting to kick him between the legs, I failed and he thrust and spun me down to the cold flagstone ground. Bang! A further  ruby stream gushed over hard, icy stone. The sickening feeling of reality. What drove him? What inspired his violence? …

“Daddy, Daddy!” I squealed, running over and taking his hand.” Come play with me! Come play in the puddles!”  I ran off, splashing about in the rainy suburban street. A Small girl in a rosy pink dress and bare feet. I spun my head around and smiled. “Come on.”  He sighed.

“Darling, the water is too cold, you’ll get a cough if you don’t come inside!” Waving the statement away, I continued to bounce around like nothing had happened. “Oh, Rick don’t be such a spoil sport. She’s having fun isn't she?” Mum wondered over from cooking dinner, whipping her hands on her stained apron. He put his arm around her. “I guess…” But, what happened next was so quick, he barely had time to see. As I turned around again to beckon them forward, his expression turned sour. He was staring at something over my shoulder. I looked confused. “Daddy? Are you all right?” But, I couldn't see what he saw, I didn't notice the blaring headlights coming up behind me. Mum had seen it too, though. And before I knew what was going on, Dad was shouting and reaching for Mum who had dived out into the middle of the road. I felt her strong arms around me, hauling me out to safety and then falling weak, limp dropping me on the tarmac as the rain came down heavier. I lay still, blood filling my eyes, rimming my sight in red. I could only just make out at blurred shape on the road, a skidding car and the screams from Dad running into the line of fire. Until all was silent.

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