Bridget just returned to London from New York. She was 9 when she moved. When she returns she tried to reunite with her old friends from her child hood. Once she finds those who are left, A strange blackmailer comes out of no where. She Tried to bring them all together as a group, But it did not work, But will it take time for them to get together again? Their lives have changed, and they change again once she comes back in the picture. Some of the boys keep falling over Bridget, but she can only choose one. She also discovers secrets she had no idea about. Read to find out what this story really goes into, and how it ends.


12. The truth

*Harry's P.O.V.*

 I walked out of class thinking about everything, I should have never did everything I did to Bridget to make her mad at me. She could be with me instead of Liam right now. I went to my locker and saw Justin and Mike walking by.

 "Hey guys," I waved to them and they looked at each other confused then Mike waved at me.

 "Hey Harry." I saw them mumbling things to each other then Mike shoved Justin over my way. "Me and JUSTIN have something to say."

 Justin looked at Mike then at me. "We want to apologize for the way we acted about the whole you and Bridget thing, that is not what real friends do." I inhaled a deep breathe then smiled politely.

 "It is okay, I forgive you guys." We all went in for a quick hug.

*Bridget's P.O.V.*

I was walking down the halls alone because Liam had a different class then me. I saw Zayn all alone at his locker and I could not help but go over.

 "Hey Zayn." He looked up from his phone and looked me up and down then rolled his eyes looking back down at his phone. "okaay, Do not have to be rude I was just trying to be friendly."

 He laughed a little bit at me and I raised my eye brows at him. "Ya friendly, well be friendly by leaving me alone I do not like to be bothered if you have not noticed." We were both silent for a while just looking at each other." I am going to be late for class." He closed his locker putting his phone away then left.

*Liam's P.O.V.*

 Sitting in class I am always silent with everyone except with Bridget, She is the only person I can come out around.

 "Liam," I snapped my head up from my text book at Mr.Willden. "Can you work with Bella and Niall." I looked over at Niall and Bella who were sitting there mugging me and I looked over to Mr.Willden.

 "It was an option right?" He frowned his eye brows at me and I grabbed my text books and went to their table."Hey guys..." They basically ignored me blocking me out so I sat there doing my work.

 "What is up between you,Bridget,and Harry." Bella jumped at me.

 "Nothing?What makes you assume there is something going on?" Niall and Bella gave each other a look then they both put eyes back on me.

"Ever sense she came to this school, Harry has like, been acting different, being more involved with outsiders, Hanging out by himself, and you. You use to be shy and a loner now you are just quite and dating a pretty girl!" I just shook me head at them looking back down to my paper work.

 "I am not here to talk about something I so not even know how to explain, I am here to do work so lets get it done."

*Harry's P.O.V.*

-After School-

I was walking alone and across the street was Bridget and Liam, they were all playing arond flirting holding hands, and I kept my head down holding in the jealousy. When I finally got home my dad was driving up in his car.

 "Hey son, How was school?" I shrugged my shoulders at him.

 "Fine," He nodded and patted my shoulder going into the house and I followed after.

 "Well get ready for tonight, we are going to dinner at my boss." I froze,His boss is Mackenzie's father.

"I don't want to go.." I was hoping he would understand sense me and Mackenzie broke up.

 "Well, Mackenzie's there, Yo don't want to spend time with your family and your girlfriends family." I looked at him confused, Mackenzie's father had to have told him. If she even told her father.

 "Um. Ya your right I will go." I went to my room closing my door, looking in my closet through my stack of formal clothing.

-flash back-

 I was sitting at the table at My dads boss house. He had another daughter my age then a son a bit older then us. My dad wanted me to be on my best behavior because he was hoping for a promotion. 

"This is really good food May." My mom said over to My dads boss wife.

 "Thank you Carry." They smiled and nodded at each other politely.

"So. Rick, my daughter Mackenzie needs a date for her Cotillion, and you seem like the perfect boy to take my daughter." My fathers boss was looking at me then everyone was looking at me. I didn't know what to say but I looked over at my father and he was putting thumbs up, which I knew stated at promotion.

 "Erm..Sure. why not." They smiled at me and my dad gave me two thumbs up.

-Flash back over-

 I ended up having to stay with her because every time I made her happy, my dad got promoted I did it for my dads happiness. Ya I ended up actually liking her, but I wonder how things would of been if I would have been able to choose who I want to date. If Mackenzie's dad finds out will he demote him? I might have to get back with Mackenzie for the safety of my dads job.

A/N: Hey peoplleee! I hope that was long enough, and interesting ^.^ it took me kind of a long time to type it haha, let me know what you think, keep reading AND favourite or like!

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