Bridget just returned to London from New York. She was 9 when she moved. When she returns she tried to reunite with her old friends from her child hood. Once she finds those who are left, A strange blackmailer comes out of no where. She Tried to bring them all together as a group, But it did not work, But will it take time for them to get together again? Their lives have changed, and they change again once she comes back in the picture. Some of the boys keep falling over Bridget, but she can only choose one. She also discovers secrets she had no idea about. Read to find out what this story really goes into, and how it ends.


23. Protection not Possession

*Harry's P.O.V.*

For once she kissed me and did not fight it. I pulled away smiling at her.

"Was that so hard?" I chuckled.

"No. It was perfect." She smiled back.I lied down beside her wrapping my arms around her.

"Harry.."She pulled out getting up.

"Yea?" I got up looking at her concerned.

She was silent for a second then she sighed. "Liam." 

I tried to stay cool and just sat there. "What about him?"

"I just broke up with him not to long ago..and..I still have feelings for him."

I scooted closer to her "But..I want you to be mine."

She got up and crossed her arms "I need to think about it..You should get going before it gets dark."

"I could stay with you forever." I got up approaching her but she just looked down upset.

"Just..please Harry."

"Why do I try so hard! Every time I try to get you, you just always let me down. I know what it is like to be hurt too ok!" I walked out angrily then went back having one last word. "I keep trying because in my gut I can't let you go..Even if you never was or never will be mine."

*Bridget's P.O.V.*

I sat down on my bed and looked down. I can't believe I just really did that, I am mad at myself for always leading Harry on then turning him down. After thinking and thinking I decided it is best I just stay away from all of them. Harry,Liam,Zayn,Niall,Louis, and Bella.

I got on my laptop and checked my E-mail.


 Hey darling, I am sure you know me Xx

 I jumped out my seat in shock and started pacing. I did not even want to bother replying.It just kept going off and I had to read them.


Don't ignore me hun I know you are online.

You think ignoring me will help you! It will just make it worse!

The more she sent it pulled me in more and more, this person was manipulative.But then they sent one message that dragged me in.


Look, If you want all your friends safe tonight, You better not ignore me.

I hesitated then sat down typing.


What Friends?


Don't play stupid, you know who! Harry,Liam,Niall,Louis,Zayn, and Bella.


What do you want?!?!

*Liam's P.O.V.*

I was at Harry's door and I slowly raised my fist and knocked on the door.

Harry came out and opened it "Just the person I did not want to see."

"Look Harry I don't care if you are mad at me!"

"You say that every time but this time it is not going to work!"He tried to close the door but I stopped it with my foot and hand.

"I got this note." I handed him a note that read,

To Liam for all of you,

 This is going to be coming to an end, and somebody is going to get hurt. There will also be a loser either you and your friends win this fight and the truth comes out or I win this fight and it all gets bad.

He crumbled it up and threw it on the floor "I don't want to do this anymore!"

"Even if it is to save Bridget?"

"Why she only cares about you!"

"I don't get it?"

"She always rejects me because she cares about you!" He looked down upset.

"But if you cared..You would forget about possession and care about protection!"He looked like he was thinking about it then he opened the door.

"Let me get my shoes on"

A/N:Hey guys sorry if I am slow on updating, I am on my third day of school and I already have Home work and Test YES TEST! But I have been trying, hope you enjoyed. Let me know what you think so I know people are actually reading my FanFiction :P

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