Bridget just returned to London from New York. She was 9 when she moved. When she returns she tried to reunite with her old friends from her child hood. Once she finds those who are left, A strange blackmailer comes out of no where. She Tried to bring them all together as a group, But it did not work, But will it take time for them to get together again? Their lives have changed, and they change again once she comes back in the picture. Some of the boys keep falling over Bridget, but she can only choose one. She also discovers secrets she had no idea about. Read to find out what this story really goes into, and how it ends.


10. Mine first

 *Bridget's P.O.V.*

 "Erm..I am sorry I did not mean that.." Liam got up from the couch panicing. I got up and went up to him. 

 "No, You are a good kisser." I smiled at him and he started blushing.

 "I like you Liam." I let it out straight, I realized I do have feelings for Liam.

 "I like you too." He was blushing and I took his hand and started swinging it.

 "So.." I started laughing and he chuckled.

 "Erm, Bridge, will you..erm.Go out with me?" He was red and I pulled him in for a hug.

 "Yes of course!" He hugged me back and we just stayed like that for a while.

 "I better go." Liam pulled away smiling at me.

 "Ok bye Liam." I walked him tot he door waving goodbye as we walked away. 

*Harry's P.O.V.*

 I got out of Bridget's brother's car trying not to slam the door, we already had a bad relationship.

"What was your name again?" I turned to the car letting out steam through my nose.

 "Harry. I never got yours?"

"Jake. My name is Jake."He smiled gently at me.

"Okay see ya." I stormed up to my flat going to my room. After all I have done for Bridget she still rejects me, ya I screwed up a few times but I made up for it.

-Next day at school-

 I was walking down the halls and people were still starring at me, it may take a while for them to get over what happened. As I got to my locker I saw Liam and Bridget walking down the halls, being all flirty then they hugged each other, a long hug. He went to his locker all alone to get his books and I went over.

"Hey Liam." He flinched then backed up.

"Harry I am not in the mood right now can you pick on me later!" I laughed.

"I don't need to pick on you, depending. Whats going on with your and Bridget?" He blushed a little and I felt a bit angry.

 "We are kind of dating now." He smiled but I was frowning and I felt my face get red, I was pissed.

 "You and Bridget are dating?!?!" I could not handle my jealousy. I pinned Liam against the locker. "She was mine first! And you stole her!"

"Actually Harry I hate to tell you this but, you ruined your chances with Bridget! I know everything! If she was yours first, she would not have rejected you!" I let go of him storming off down the halls, I saw Bridget running down making her way to what just happened and I froze. She looked at me then glared at Liam.

 "Harry. You found out didn't you." I felt steam through my nose and my face was warm probably still red.

"Yes I found out that you rejected me then turned around and went out with your little nerdy friend! well guess what!" I got closer to her not realizing there is a crowd around us listening and watching everything. "I am not giving up on you tell your mine." I walked away from her making my way to class, I had a plan and I am going to win Bridget if it is the last thing I do.

A.N: Hey guiise sorry for taking forever to publish, then giving you a small chapter! I will try to publish more often if you guys want! well thanks for reading SO much please favourite! and keep reading Xx


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