The Misogynist – Result Of Step Mums Gone Bad

The cause and effect concept simple means for every effect there is always a cause right? Here is the story of Terence Johnson who at a very tender age unconsciously grew into hatred for women as a result of actions of his step mums


2. How It All Started

*Alone in the room as Terence steps out* *Beatrice Grabs Ron by the shirt* Ron how long have you been with me and my family almost 10 years, he replied, good and you know you are more like family, she said, yes absolutely you treated me like one from day one he responded.


OK I want you to do me a favour she said, well if I have the power to, I would do anything for you. OK I want you to promise me you won't leave until all my kids are grown ups and able to look after themselves, sure am not going anywhere, why all this he asked.


Don't think because am dying am blind to the happenings around me, she said, Betty is up to no good and I fear for my kids, Derek is weak when it comes to women, I trust him with my kids though but not with someone like Betty around him.


I understand perfectly Beatrice, have been watching them closely, I fear for Derek as well but he is not someone you can discuss things like this with, he will get very angry. I know she responded, so that's why I need you, you are all have got. It's going to be tough when am gone.


I do not expect Derek to stay a widower until he dies, but would be hard to find a woman who will love him and my kids, most are just after what they can gain, absolutely Ron responded. This is my dying wish I ask of you she said, please do not say that, please don't give up on us.


I am tired Ron Beatrice said in a low tone, I can't take it any longer, nights I lay here just wishing I was dead and gone, the pain is unbearable, the thought of being away from my family is also killing me. Have become a vegetable, unable to do anything so what's the point of living?


I promise to be there for your kids until they are grown up no matter what it takes, that's the least I can do for you, you never treated me like an outsider right from day one. Ron busted into tears, do not weep, we will all die someday I guess mine is just sooner than expected she said. But why he asked.


It's not fair, you still have a lot to live for, Sean is barely 3 years old, so why should you die now he asked in a weeping tone. Life I guess she responded, what can I do than accept what have been served. Well I don't know if there is an after life, if there is, well I won't be far from you all, I will try my best to protect my kids.


Three days after Ron's ordeal with Beatrice, she passed away, at Derek's office, there were side talks, everyone knew what Betty was up to, Derek had her transferred to another office. To save her face, and avoid conflict of interests.


*Rants* Hmm why would our Boss have this lady look after his dying wife at the hospital, when it's so obvious she has intentions of being with him. Heard someone say they think she pulled the plug, really, I won't be surprised though. At least now she has the upper hand now.


Derek had gotten so used to Betty, like the saying goes, things grow on you over time. He started spending weekends at Betty's and less time at home. The kids were used to it any ways, he was always away at work most weekends, but they had no clue he was spending it at Betty's this time around.


Gradually Derek brought Betty home with him with the impression that she was just a family friend who cared, but Terence and Ron knew better they were prepared for the worst. Derek's close buddy at the office Joe was first to news, am getting married to Betty soon he said to Joe. Wow you have lost it, your wife just died weeks ago Joe responded with a big surprise on his face.


Few days later Derek broke the news to Terence, Ron and the kids, Terence and Ron weren't surprised in anyway the kids couldn't comprehend just yet. Derek had been consumed by Betty with a passion, he couldn't help himself.


For one he thought he was doing things in the best interest of his family, because practically the Johnson's had no extended family, Derek walked out on them when he was younger and he never looked back. The family abandoned his Dying Dad when he needed them the most.


Beatrice's situation was slightly different, she was adopted by another family at a very tender age in a different city far from her parents. Any ways so Derek thought marrying Betty would be an advantage because he family really had no one should in case something happened to him.


But wow!! what a move he was making, every of his friend he told this was against the idea, some where of the opinion that it was to early, Jeez!!! Derek show a little respect to your dead wife the mum of all your wonderful kids Oliver bloated with a bit of disgust. Oliver was Derek's close friend from many years, they schooled together.

How long have you even known this Betty lady really he asked with discontent, tell me!!!! Well I was hoping you would be my best man at the wedding Derek asked, you must be joking Oliver responded, count me out buddy, no chance in hell am I doing that. He left Derek's office and slammed the door behind him.


Derek knew Oliver so well, once he had made up his mind on something there was no going back on it, so he knew trying to persuade Oliver was no good. Oliver was a few years older than Derek, he was bank Chief in the city with a beautiful wife and three boys, he also named his last boy Terence. Whenever Derek's Terence was around he would call his own boy Terence Junior, Derek's boy was a few months older.


Son you know you are a man now, you need to start acting like one, to start with I need you to be my best man at my wedding. Terence swallowed his saliva with disgust on his face, but he dare not speak his mind or challenge him, he respected his Dad to much, he was a good father, he and his siblings never lacked a thing in their life since they were born.


Terence nodded his head in partial agreement, that's my boy, I knew you would understand, any way blood is thicker than water. All my friends have turned their backs on me he said with a bit of sadness, well that's because they do not like the idea and I for one agree to an extent Terence bloated out.


With a shock on his face Derek asked, so you only agreed to this because am your Dad and not because you support what am doing? Absolutely he replied. Bless you my boy, that's what good sons do. He hugged him and promised him everything will be fine, Terence wanted to believe that, he really wanted to.

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