The Hotline

"Do you think anyone would miss me?" A deep,raspy voice comes on the line, before I even say my name."Do you think anyone would care? If I pull the trigger of this gun, who would miss me?" I am startled by the sound of a gun being loaded. I am about to respond, when suddenly I hear a shot go off.


3. Chapter Three

  The day Tommy died, was a pretty normal day. A cloudy Monday, with the a large chance of rain. I remember seeing him that morning, when he came into my room right before school.


I pull the jumper over my head, and begin to adjust the sleeves, just as Tommy comes into my room. 


"Hey ugly." He sneers, as I look into my wall mirror. 


"What do you want Tommy?" I say as I pull on my jeans, whilst slipping on my boots. 


"I'm not feeling to hot, can you cover for me at school?" I now notice he is still in a pair of joggers and a t-shirt. 


"What's wrong?" I ask as I pull my hair into a pony tail. Walking over to my bed. 


"I just don't feel good. Can you?" He asks. 


I nod my head as I tie my long mane into the small elastic. Tommy looks at me for a long time before going out of the room. 

                       - - -
As I enter my classroom for my third class of the day, take a seat next to my best friend David. I smile at him and pull out my textbook. 

The teacher does not even have a chance to begin the warm up activity, before there is a loud knock on the door. She quickly walks over to the door and lets two large men in suits come into the classroom. 


Being to involved in heading my paper in my notebook, I don't even see the man point to me. David gives me a small nudge and I look over to where he is motioning. I slowly rise out of my seat and walk into the hallway where the men are standing now. 


  They waste no time and quickly begin to speak. I lose track of what they are saying a little after they say, "Maddy, Tommy is dead. He was found hung in his closet about two hours ago."


 It takes an entire minute of me just staring at the ground for the words to process. I then look up and stare at the men, tears streaming out my eyes. It is the look of absolute pity, that finally gets a reaction out of me. 

"DAVID!" I am yelling at the top of my lungs, as I fall to the ground. The classroom door opens, and out comes David along with my entire class. He races towards me and holds me in his arms. 

"He's dead!" I keep repeating while he holds me. 

In that moment, I want nothing to do with anyone except David. 

*End of Flashback.

That day I felt so vulnerable and useless, the same feeling I feel right now.


"NO!" I yell into the phone. When I hear no response I quickly reach for my bag and pull out my phone. Just as I begin to dial for emergency services, the raspy voice comes back on the line.

"You care? Why do you care? You don't even know me." 


Perhaps it is the hint of amusement, that triggers such a rude response from my part. 


"WHAT THE HELL!" I am gripping the phone so hard in my hand that I surprise myself since I have not crushed it yet.


I come into realization that I am crying, and sniffle my nose. "What is your problem?" I say sternly into the phone.


" I really wanted to do it." says the voice. 


"No one would really care why I did it." He continues. "The press, would make up some ridiculous story, and that would be it." 


"Press?" I question.


"My name is Harry. Will you be here tomorrow?" He asks. 


"Yes." I whisper. Then the line goes dead.


I drop the phone from my hand, not even bothering to put it on the base. My head goes into my hands, and I begin to talk to myself. 


"Harry."I whisper. 

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