The Hotline

"Do you think anyone would miss me?" A deep,raspy voice comes on the line, before I even say my name."Do you think anyone would care? If I pull the trigger of this gun, who would miss me?" I am startled by the sound of a gun being loaded. I am about to respond, when suddenly I hear a shot go off.


10. Chapter Ten

Leave it to my idiot band mates, to ruin things with Maddy. Although I don't think she minded much seeing as she let me hold her hand last night. But I can't get things go any farther with her; she is only here to help. That's all she cares about.

I begin to brush my teeth, as Niall walks into my room. He has a piece of bagel in his hand and the other half in his mouth. As I brush the suds out of my mouth, he takes a seat on the side of my bed, facing my bathroom. I look out of the open door and watch as he finishes his food and begins playing with his hair.

"Niall, she said it was okay." I finally say after a good minute of watching him fidget. I make my way over to my dresser, pulling out a t-shirt and sliding it on.

"I feel so crappy." He mumbles getting up and facing the wall adjacent the bathroom. 

I just smile at him and chuckle lowly. As I slide on my shoes, Eleanor slides into the room and gives me a small smile. Let's just say that with all the rumors and drama that goes on, El isn't my biggest fan. 

"Can I help you?" I ask politely.

"Well, yes. I actually liked Madelyn, she was sweet and since you live with a foot in your mouth-" She gives Niall a glare, making him flush. "I just wanted her to feel comfortable with us. So, how about we take her out, all of us. We can really introduce ourselves." 

I give El a weird look, and the same goes for Niall. Eleanor just smiles and waits for an answer patiently. It is the least we could do, and what harm could it possibly do.

"Sure." I smile. "Do you want me to ring her?" 

"Nope, I already did.” She says walking towards my door. 

"How did you get her number?" I call out.

            “You should really lock your phone Styles." She yells back as she closes my    door.

"Well okay then." Niall says to me.

-    -    -    -


I give the driver a polite nod and smile whilst getting out of the sleek car. I am standing in front of a small café surrounded by many small shops. I begin to walk slowly into the small building, noticing a group of people sitting at a table by the back. 

"Maddy!" I hear a voice come from the table. I see El waving at me, earning me glances from the others. 

I smile and make myself over there, smiling at everyone as I take the empty seat next to Harry. Who seems awfully distracted by something on his mobile? Though he looks up for a second to smile at me and say a simple "Hello Maddy."

I smile back at him, later directing my view to the food on the table. It seems everyone ordered something already, but waited for me to arrive, so they could dig in. 

"You guys didn't need to wait for me." I say facing Danielle.

"Don't be silly" She giggles, "Of course we had to wait."

I smile, giving them reassurance that it is okay to eat, whilst a tall young man makes his way to our table. 

"Can I get you anything to drink?” He says with a cheeky grin, making me blush slightly.

"I'll just have a water." I say quietly.

He smiles and goes back into what I'm guessing is the kitchen, returning in no time with a tall glass of water. I smile and he stands around longer than needed, before finally retreating back. 

"So, Niall wanted to invite you because we all feel like complete dim wits, on how we acted last night. We're not very good with new people or news like that." Say Zayn whilst playing with his bagel on his plate. 


"Yeah, we are usually pretty cool people to hang out with." Liam says smiling as Dani takes his hand.

I take a second to look around at their faces, noting how guilty they all look, except Harry who is still looking at his phone. 

"Oh! Don't feel bad." I exclaim trying to sound happy. "It was very impolite of me to bring out such a topic so bluntly. Everything's okay."

I smile slightly at the sudden change of atmosphere; everyone's faces flushing with relief. I feel a small squeeze on my thigh from under the table, and see Harry give me a smile.


"Yeah, we’re not really the type to start problems." Louis says, followed by a loud snort from Harry. I look over to him and see him put away his phone.

"Problem Haz?" Louis says with a smirk.

Harry ignores Louis' question and directs his vision to Liam, "We've got to be at the studio in an hour." He says quietly.

The air is dense as an awkward silence settles over the table. Soon enough though, Dani starts conversing drawing everyone in. 

A chill runs down my spine as I feel Harry's breathe over my ear, "Do you think I can get an extended session tonight, around seven?" He whispers. My mouth open slightly, but I am at loss for words, so I just nod my head; looking at him. This earns a small smile and he then takes his cup of hot tea and takes a sip.

-    -    -    -  

The rest of the brunch session was filled with the group asking me questions about me and my life, and me giving them basic answers. I also learn a lot about the lot, listening every time they say something.

By the end of it, I feel almost as if we're all friends. "I'm sorry we can't stay either." Danielle says with a frown. "I did' know we would both be occupied." She finishes.

Danielle and Eleanor both have to go and finish a shoot for a magazine discussing relationships, which means I get the rest of the day to myself. "It's fine!" I smile at them.

Everyone departs, the boys leaving for the studio in a black vehicle, all except Harry who stays with me. 

"I'll see you tonight okay?" He smiles pulling me into a quick hug. He then walks up the pavement catching a taxi and driving off.

-    -    -    -    

I spent most of the day finishing the schoolwork I had been assigned and cleaning my closet. Lexi had volunteered ages ago to play at a soccer game for charity. So I spent the remainder of the day alone. 


As I walk into my office and close the door, I begin to hear people outside and I look through the blinds and see that the photographers have returned and the number of them has doubled. 


My phone starts to ring whilst I close the blinds tightly; the screen says 'Harry Calling' 


"Hey, I get if you don't want to come. There are so many people out her-" I am cut off by Harry angrily speaking into the phone. 


"Open the back door. Now." The line goes dead and I stand shocked by the manor he spoke to me. 


I run to the back door as quick as I can, pulling it open. Harry walks in, brushing past me, with no greeting. 


"Harry are you okay?" I whisper closing the door. 


He doesn't answer and I turn around and see that his jaw is tight and his fists are in ball by his side. His eyes are closed and his breathing is irregular. 


"Harry-" I try again but this time he turns around. He lets out a loud yell and his fist connects with the wall, leaving a giant hole. 


"Harry!" I scream whilst slightly jumping. 


Even though I'm frightened I run over to him, whilst he removes his hand from the hole. He turns to face me and his face is pale. 


"I'll pay for that." He mumbles.


"I don't care about the damn wall Harry. Are you all right? What's going on?" I say taking his hand. 


"I-I" I can see the tears forming in his eyes and am quick to give him a tight hug. 


"Shh. It's alright." I whisper in his ear. His hands drop around my waist and he pulls me in tighter. I place my head on his tall shoulder whispering softly whilst standing on my tiptoes. I blush, as I breathe in the smells that emanate from Harry's body. They are so nice and clean I don't want to break away. 


But we do. 


Harry walks over to the couch and sits down dropping his head into his hands. I slowly walk over to him and sit right next to him. I reevaluate my priorities and know that I need to act like what Harry needs. A hotline. 


"I can't help you, if you don't tell me what's going on Harry." I whisper scooting away from him slightly. 


He breathes in sharply and raises his head to look at me. 



"It's not my fault that the producers give me more solos than the rest of the group. I can't help what they decide." He looks at his feet before continuing. "For the first album I thought nothing of it, but now I hate being assigned parts. Everyone in the band gives me this look of pure loath. And it's not just them, the fans even say it themselves. That it's not fair that Louis and Niall don't get enough solos." 


He looks back up to me and I look at my feet. 


"Sometimes," he continues. "They make me feel like complete shit. It gets me so angry when they complain about it, as if I'm not in the room. Except today, they were talking about it behind my back. I walked into the recording office and there they were complaining about it. How the hell, is that a band.'"  He finishes his monologue whilst I look up and stare at him. 


I'm not sure what to say so I do what I think he needs, I hug him. He doesn't deny my hug and holds me tight. 


"Look-" I whisper into his ear whisper still holding him. 


"The boys, they're just expressing their feeling, in a way they know. They're not sure how to approach what they're feeling about it. The fan- they- don't know what's going on. If they knew how much it hurt you, when they say those things. They'd stop in a heartbeat. They love you." I let go of Harry and he looks at me. 


"Maddy, it's really hard. It's not just the music it's everything. The attention I get. It's like I have this spotlight on me all the time." He whispers still looking at me. 


I don't say anything, mostly because of the trance his eyes have me in. I slowly raise my hand and push his curls back slightly. They're just as soft as I thought they were. I take a finger and begin to play with it, noticing how it immediately calms Harry. He closes his eyes and lets out a breath I didn't know he was holding. 


"You're strong Harry, stronger than most people I know. You go though all of this, not even flinching when it happens. Though maybe that's the problem. Maybe you just hold to much in." I let go of his hair and look him in the eyes. 



- - - - - 


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