The Hotline

"Do you think anyone would miss me?" A deep,raspy voice comes on the line, before I even say my name."Do you think anyone would care? If I pull the trigger of this gun, who would miss me?" I am startled by the sound of a gun being loaded. I am about to respond, when suddenly I hear a shot go off.


16. Chapter Sixteen

I am so excited to finally release this chapter, I had this written about three weeks ago! I loved writing this, it made me sad though since I'm single. Lol:) Well enjoy! Please follow me on Tumblr: And Twitter: So recently I have been really into this website called, so I made this playlist that goes along with this story here's the link. :  

Through out my entire class yesterday, I could not focus on the notes in front of me. My thoughts kept racing back to what Danielle had said in the shop, about Harry having feelings for me. As I had tried to write as much as my attention span was letting me, all I could ask myself was if it could be true, and if it was true how do I feel about it. Let's just say I didn't turn in my work at the end of the class, earning me a sour sneer from professor. 


Now standing in the office, trying to find a suitable pair of shoes to wear to Harry's party, my mind was still on the fact that Harry might have feelings for me. Every time I would try to do something productive, I would end up just thinking about him. As I continue the search for a pair of shoes, my phone goes off in the clutch I had put it in.


"Hello." I say holding the mobile between my shoulder and ear.


"Hey darling, it's Eleanor!" 


"Hey!" I exclaim finally finding the black heals I was on the search for.


"Hey are you ready for the party?"  


"Almost, just putting my shoes on."


"Great! Lou and myself are outside waiting for you love."


"Uhm- I thought Harry was going to come for me." I say as I stand from putting on my shoes, which increase my height a great deal.


"Well he is the host of the party, he asked if I could get you"


"Oh okay, well I'll see you outside."


The line disconnects and I walk over to the built-in bathroom in the office, and look in the mirror. I decided to actually wear the dress that Dani picked out for me, even though it was a little more daring than I usually would opt for. The black material hugging my body and coming to just below my thigh, the long sleeves shielding me slightly from the winter cold.


I apply one more coat of lip lacquer and throw it in my black clutch as well, then make my way to the front door making sure no one is out there before opening it and stepping out. Just as I look around to find which car Lou and El are in, two figures emerge from a small and sleek vehicle on the side of the road.


"Maddy! You look absolutely gorgeous !" I hear Eleanor exclaim as she make her way towards me, and embracing me in a hug.


"Yeah, you look stunning." Louis says while taking El's hand in his. He reaches over and kisses my cheek gently.


"You both look great!" I say following them towards their car, noticing how well Eleanor looks in her burgundy short dress.


"Why thank you love." Louis says with a cheeky smile.


"So, have I missed anything these past few weeks since we last saw each other?" El says as we start to drive away from the office.


"Nope." I lie.



We arrive at the boys' flat building and I quickly take note of how many cars are parked outside it. Louis parks his car and escorts both El and I to the front door, where Paul is standing taking note of who's at the party.


"Hey Paul." I smile as we walk past him and into the building.


"Looking lovely Maddy." He says, making me blush.


We step into the lift and Louis presses the button that is meant for Harry's floor. I move to the back of the lift as El and Louis remain hand and hip at the front.


I don't mean to eavesdrop but I can overhear Eleanor whispering something to Louis whose jaw instantly goes hard .


"Just apologize to him, he's your best friend." 


Before anymore is said the lift door opens and we all step out onto Harry's floor. I can already hear the loud music playing inside and smell the alcohol all the way from outside the door. Eleanor pulls Louis away from the door and to the side and I can see the face of annoyance Louis is pulling. 


"We'll meet you inside." El says and I nod walking inside the flat.


As soon as I'm inside I can see so many people, some already drunk and others lingering around talking to the lot that isn't. I try to find a familiar face and struggle to make it through the crowd, smiling at those who smile at me. Once I finally make it to the kitchen, Ifind Liam and Niall fishing through a bowl of crisps. 


"Woah Maddy, you look amazing." Niall says when he looks up from the bowl.


"Yeah, you look great!" Liam says over the loud music booming though out the flat.


"Thank you, you look pretty swell yourselves." I say loudly.


"You trying to find Harry, yeah?" Niall says walking towards me and pecking my cheek.


"Yeah!" I say returning the motion.


"He's in his room, he's still getting ready!" Liam says loudly.


"I'm going to find him." I say walking towards his room.


"HEY!" Niall shouts over the music.




"Be careful." He smiles.





As I open the door to Harry's room, I smile at the fact that Niall felt almost protective over me. I look around Harry's large room and wander further in. I take a seat on his large bed and look over all the photos on his walls, like I did the first time I had been there. I'm so involved in looking at the walls I don't notice Harry walk out of the bathroom in his room.


"Maddy?" He says making me jump off the bed.


"Hey! Liam told me you were in here." 


"You look.. You look.. Beautiful." He stutters making his way closer to me.


"Thanks." I say softly as he continues to get closer to me.


His body ends up extremely close to me and I lose my train of thought taking a smell of him. He smells just as divine as I remember.


"Happy Birthday." I whisper 


"Thanks." He whispers back.


I walk back slightly and turn my head to the door. "You should get out there, this is your party." 


"Yeah, let's go!" He says.



"Hey Maddy!" Zayn says when we step out of the room, he is hand in hand with Perrie whom leans in for a hug, which I politely return.


"Hey." I say after letting go of Perrie.


"Happy Birthday mate." He says loudly and giving him a hug.


"Thanks!" Harry flushes.


When they walk away, I suddenly remember why I even agreed to come to the party. "Harry I need to talk to you."


"Yeah?" He says but suddenly loads of people are walking up to him and saying their birthday wishes to him, cutting me to the back of the group. Harry gives me a sad smile and I just walk over to the nearest seat and sit down. On a rare note, I'm glad that Harry got busy it gives me more time to think about what I am going to say. What was I going to say, do I even feel the same way towards him?


My thoughts are suddenly cut as I feel someone take a seat next to me, and I turn my head to see it's  Niall.


"Hey!" He says brightly.


"Hey Niall!"


"Why are you sitting here all alone?"


"Oh, I was uhm- I was going to talk to Harry. We kinda got interrupted though." I say motioning to the large crowd surrounding thecurly-haired boy.


"Talk to him?"Niall questions.


I have to think about telling Niall what Danielle told me, but when I look at his blue eyes I see the same care that I saw when he told me to be careful. So I decide to trust him and tell him.



"You know," He says after listening to the back story. "I kinda figured he liked you, he was always sayin' how much of an ace you were." 


I smile at the comment and look at my shoes. "I don't know how to feel about this."


"Look, out of the group I like to say that Harry is the most caring. I know he wouldn't hurt you, and if it helps at all, I trust him." I look up at Niall and know that he is being sincere and I decide to go ahead and like Niall as a friend.


"Hey am I interrupting?" I hear someone say above where I am sitting, and I look up to see Harry standing there smiling. 


"Nah, I was just leaving." Niall winks at me as he gets up and leaves the table I had sat at.


"Hey you said you wanted to talk?" Harry says over the music that had started playing.


"Yeah," I stall and start kicking my feet up and down.




The way he says my name makes me push out the words that were in my throat. "Danielle told me somethings."


"Ah, Danielle."


Just as I am about to say something more, people start crowding up around the table Liam and Louis placing a large cake with lit candles on the table in front of Harry.


Instead of looking at the lot singing, Harry moves closer to me making me a bit nervous.


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you.


"You know they're singing for you."


"I know." He whispers.


"Harry, you're drunk."


"No, I'm not."


Happy Birthday dear Harry!


"Harry-" I warn.


"Maddy." He mimics my tone.


The birthday song ends, but Harry doesn't blow out his candles; his eyes stay locked on mine,as do mine. The crowd of people in front of us becoming eerily quiet.




"Shut up." He interrupts and pulls my face close to him, finishing off with a long kiss. 


The crowd who didn't cheer after finishing the song, erupts into cheers, as Harry and I continue to kiss.


"Be my girlfriend?" The crowd goes silent once again, after Harry's question, and I'm left blushed looking around at all the faces. Dani, El and Perrie all wide-eyed in expectancy. Though it's not the girls that make an impact on my decision. Its Niall standing in the corner, smiling widely and its then that I know that he's happy. Because he trusts Harry, he knows he'll be good for me. 


"Okay." I smile and the crowd goes wild.

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