The Hotline

"Do you think anyone would miss me?" A deep,raspy voice comes on the line, before I even say my name."Do you think anyone would care? If I pull the trigger of this gun, who would miss me?" I am startled by the sound of a gun being loaded. I am about to respond, when suddenly I hear a shot go off.


17. Chapter Seventeen

I am so sorry about the lack of updates, my life has been hectic, my classes have begun and I have other commitments. xx


"I can't believe you two are finally together, I've waited so long for him to tell you he likes you." Eleanor says whilst jumping up and down slightly.


"You knew?" I smile at her.


Danielle, El, Perrie and I are in the kitchen adjacent to where the boys are, surrounded by a copious amount of alcohol.


"Yeah, he told me a bit after you two met. Something along the lines of 'she's pretty cool."


"He told you first?" Perrie and Dani yell out simultaneously in shock.


"What?" I ask.


"Nothing, I mean it's just that El and" Danielle gets cut off by Eleanor who is looking towards the ground.


"Harry and I aren't the best of friends. All of the drama that goes on in the media about us, we're just not the closest. However lately, since he's not been really speaking to the boys, we've been talking more."


The kitchen gets eerily quiet and all I thin of to stop the awkwardness is to talk. "I'm not really sure why I said yes." This statement gets the full attention of the girls and my face goes red.


"Huh?" Perrie asks.


"Yeah, usually boyfriends are something I tend to stay away from." I giggle serving myself yet another drink. I'm fully aware of how drunk I am and how much my drinking has elevated since the Tommy incident with my father. However I sort of justify it on the fact that I have so many problems.


"So you don't fancy him?" Perrie asks eyeing me closely.


I have to think about my answer. The question catches me off guard and my mind starts to play all of the moments I've shared with Harry. Although not many, the shared memories Harry and I hold are far more than any other person I’ve ever had with. As to refer to what he and I have as love, wouldn't be correct. However, I do care for him. So that's what comes out of my mouth, after I gather my long length of hair to one side.


"I care for him. A lot." 



When we finally rejoin the lads in the lounge, it is well past midnight. The boys are still sitting in the semi-circle, and the girls find their corresponding spouse. I however stay up and lean against the doorframe. Harry's green eyes meet my brown ones and I blush slightly. I look down to the floor, and push my hair behind my ear, and then I'm suddenly joined by Niall, blonde hair and all.


"So?" He smiles widely.


"So?" I repeat giggling slightly.


"Honestly I didn't see it coming. I mean I knew he fancied you, but he's not one for asking girls out in public."


"Girls? So various females." I question looking towards El and Louis. 


"Mads, I know this might sound harsh but with Harry comes a lot of crap. Not from him of course- I'll make sure of that- but from the outside world. You'll hear a lot of things about him, which the majority is false, but it'll always be there. El and Louis know that best, it's hard. With harry trust is key." Niall's words leave me speechless, the way he said it in wasn't rude at all, but the things he said did spark a realization in me. Something I hadn't thought of.


Harry is a celebrity.




"Bye! I'll call you tomorrow about the coffee date okay?" I yell down the flat corridor as Danielle and Liam leave.


I turn back around to face the disaster that is Harry's flat, trash littering the entirety of the floor. I am just about to start cleaning up a bit when Harry comes out from his bedroom wearing nothing but joggers hanging dangerously loose around his waist. Even though everything in my body is telling me to continue to look at his long torso and prominent v-line, I look away and reach down for some cups on the floor


"I see your modesty is lacking now that I'm with you Styles."


I look up just to see him smile and turn slightly red. I then notice something in his hand, and stand up completely to see what is. 


"I thought you might want to change out of that amazingly sexy dress." He says holding out a pair of his joggers and a white shirt.


I giggle at his comment about my dress, suddenly feeling more confident. I place the cups in my hands on the table next to me, and reach for the cloths. Once they're in my hands I start to walk over to the restroom, but I'm stopped by Harry’s large hand on my waist. Suddenly I am dangerously close to Harry, and inch of space between our faces.


"Thanks for saying yes." He mumbles glancing down at my lips. Never have I had a guy look at me like Harry is now, something in his eyes more than just a schoolboy crush.


"I mean who could resist you." I challenge sarcastically.


"Don't be a git." He smirks placing his hands on the bottom of my back, a place where suddenly seems only the perfect place for them. Our lips are just about to meet, when my phone goes off. Now if I hadn't recognized Lexi's ringtone I would've attacked Harry's face right then and there. However, the fact that Lexi hadn't spoken to me in days only meant that it was an emergency.


"I'm sorry, it's Lexi." I say reaching for my phone on the sectional.


"Family first." He smiles placing a peck on my cheek.


I blush as I unlock my phone, "Hello." 

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