The Hotline

"Do you think anyone would miss me?" A deep,raspy voice comes on the line, before I even say my name."Do you think anyone would care? If I pull the trigger of this gun, who would miss me?" I am startled by the sound of a gun being loaded. I am about to respond, when suddenly I hear a shot go off.


9. Chapter Nine

Everyone has migrated from the living room; to the kitchen in the time I was in the restroom. When Danielle and I arrive to where they are sitting, everyone turns their heads in my direction. 


"Hello love, sorry about these idiots being rude. They get to absorbed in movies. I'm Liam." A muscular lad extends his hand and I take it politely. 


Afterwards he walks past me and to Danielle, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind. Jealousy is not something I usually feel, but I do get a pang of it when I see them together. 


Everyone is sitting on bar stools around the kitchen counter, eating random snacks. Towards the back I see Harry sitting; talking to some of the other boys. I meet his gaze and quickly look down again. Just as I am about to walk over there, a beautiful girl comes into my view. 


"Hi! I'm Eleanor, but you can call me El." I can already tell by her introduction that she is a bubbly person. She is tall and very pretty, making me once again jealous. 


I smile at her and say, "I'm Maddy." 


El is about to speak again, when a tall lad walks up behind her, winding his arms around her waist. 


"I'm Louis." The lad says while extending a hand. Obviously I know who Louis is, but compared to pictures and videos, he seems even more handsome. 


"Come on, we're just having a laugh over there." He says while motioning towards the group Harry is in. 


I follow the couple who is holding hands, and smile at the people in the cluster, which Dani and Liam have joined. It seems that Louis and Liam are the only ones with girlfriends, but I'm soon mistaken as I see a very pretty girl come out of the hallway. Her hair is blonde with light,purple streaks. I immediately recognize her as Perrie from Little Mix. 


"Hey there! I'm Perrie" She introduces herself. 


"Hi i'm Maddy." I say whilst smiling.


"And I'm Zayn." Says Zayn standing up so Perrie can sit. He shakes my hand and reaches for another stool. 


"I'm Niall!" Exclaims a blonde boy in the corner. He stands quickly and gives me a quick hug.


I stand awkwardly on the side of the group, and I again meet gaze with Harry. This time I don't look away, and see a smile form on his face. He motions for me to sit down in the stool next to him, and I oblige and walking over to him.


"So Maddy, how did you and Harry meet?" Danielle asks once I am seated


"Uhm, -" I am interrupted by Harry as he answers for me.


"She runs the hotline I told you about, the one I was looking for my sister." I look over to Harry confused and he also looks at me. I tun my head, smile and nod.


Danielle continues to talk asking me more questions. "Are you in school?"


"Yeah, I study at London School of Economics." I say to her. 


"No way! My dad used to teach there a while back." I am startled by a different voice behind me, which I match up to the voice I heard at the front door. Aiden.


I turn my head and see that he stood behind me with to bottles of beer in his hands. He offers me one and i shake my head declining it. 


"Your mum a hard head about it?" Niall asks from the other side. it is the second time tonight that my mother was mentioned in a conversation, just like the first time my face goes blank. Harry places a soft hand on mine, which is lying on my thigh. 


"No, uh actually, my mum is dead." 


The entire group goes silent, and Niall turns absolutely red. 


"No. Don't feel bad about it, you couldn't have known." I say to the blonde and smile.


"I'm sorry" He says quietly, setting down his beer on the counter.


I look around the group; noting how much the atmosphere has changed. I quickly glance at Harry who looks at me with concern. I stand up slowly and quietly say, " I think it's time for me to go home." 


   - - - - - -


Harry closes the passenger door and walks in front of the car, whilst I put on my seatbelt. 


The car ride back to my place is quiet, except for me telling Harry where to go. Once we arrive on my street Harry look over to me as I take off my seatbelt. Before Harry can commence whatever it is he is about to  say, I interrupt him. 

"I didn't mean to make anyone upset, especially not Niall." I look down at my fingers twirling them around. 

Harry looks at me with a puzzled expression and then slowly moves his hands, holding mine. His hands are quite large almost double the size of mine, but they're soft and very warm. I look up from my hands and into his sparkling green eyes. How can anyone look into those eyes and not feel warm inside.

"You didn't upset anyone, Niall and everyone else.. They just think that since things are so well with them, that everyone else's lives are great also. They don't really now how to approach bad news. Harry has intertwined his hands with mine as he faces me, shifting his body in the driver's seat.

I suddenly feel a contrition, having left the group in such a hasty matter. They had no control over what had happened to me. I look down once again and let go of Harry's hands before I begin to talk again. 

"Thanks for the ride home, and saving me from all those people outside the office." I fumble my words a bit and glance at Harry who is opening his car door. He walks in front of the car and over to my side opening the door for me and giving me a hand out of the large vehicle. 

Once I am out of the car, his hand finds mine again and he intertwines his fingers with mine. I look up to his tall figure and notice a small smile playing on his lips. I don't say anything and continue walking towards my front steps. As we walk up the stone walkway I notice a light inside the house emanating from what is Lexi's room. I see a shadow and then the light switches off. 

Harry's hand stays in mine until we reach my door and he let's go, I surprise myself on how disappointed I am. Though quickly my disappointment washes away as Harry approaches my face with his and softly places a peck on my cheek. I can feel my face turning hot and know for a fact that my face is flushing red. 

"See you tomorrow then, for another session." He asks whilst his lips are still close to my cheek. 

his voice sending goosebumps down my body leaves me speechless and all I manage is a nod of the head. 

Harry smiles showing his dimples, making me blush even worse. he patiently waits untill I unlock the door, and get inside, for him to leave. 

as soon as i close the door I lean against it and slide down to the floor. "Oh my god." I whisper to myself. What am I doing? Harry is a caller nothing more nothing less, I can't feel like this. 

My heart almost jumps out of my chest when I hear Lexi come into the hallway. 

"Was that- was- Harry-" She is stuttering like mad, and i giggle.

"Repeat after me, Harry. Styles" I speak slowly whilst getting up from the floor.

-- -- ------ ---- 

I did not sleep a wink last night, considering one, that I came home roughly around three in the morning, and two, my mind would not let what happened with Harry go. This is crazy I thought, last night was the first time we have seen each other, there is no reason on why I should be feeling like this.

I was too tired to do anything before bed last night, so when I see my relection in the mirror I frighten myself. There are black streaks under my eyes, making me look like a raccoon and my hair is a complete mess. I am still in the outfit from yesterday, except now it is crinkled.

I make an executive choice to shower, and try to look decent. I make sure to wipe off all the makeup and change into some shorts and a t-shirt. I slip on my vans and head downstairs. On Sundays Lexi leaves early for soccer practices at the old community center. Lexi is quite athletic, inheriting a quality from Tommy. 

I am just about to sit down on the couch when I hear my phone go off in the kitchen. I guess i left it in my purse last night, not even bothering to put it to charge. I look at the screen and am confused as it says, Unknown Caller. I unlock my phone and answer the call. 

"Hello?" I question. 

"Hey is this Maddy?" A female voice comes on the line.

"Yes?" I answer again still skeptical.

"Hey love, it's El. We were wondering if you wanted to come to breakfast with the boys, Dani, and I?"

I let out a sigh of relief now that I know who it is, and that they are not upset with me. 

"Sure, that'd be alright." I say quickly.

"Great, the car will drive by to pick you up in about half an hour."

"Car?" I ask but the line disconnect.

I look around the room and begin to shake my head, this does not happen to normal people. Not at all. Though, it's happening to me, I guess I have to get ready for breakfast with One Direction.


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