The Hotline

"Do you think anyone would miss me?" A deep,raspy voice comes on the line, before I even say my name."Do you think anyone would care? If I pull the trigger of this gun, who would miss me?" I am startled by the sound of a gun being loaded. I am about to respond, when suddenly I hear a shot go off.


5. Chapter Five

Of course I know Harry Styles. Everyone knows Harry Styles, whether you like him or not. Boy band, bad boy, Harry.

Obviously this cannot be the real Harry Styles, I mean why would he call a suicide hot line, if he was him, wouldn't he have one of those million dollar therapists. Right?

"What makes you think that I'll belive you're Harry Styles." I mumble into the phone quickly. 

"Look, you don't have to belive me, you just have to listen. That's your job right?" The voice on the line seems calmer and much less raspy, making me wonder if he was drunk the last call. 

"I I." I stutter on the phone but finally get enough courage to say, "Talk." 

"Before that, i actually wanted to ask you something." 'Harry' says.

"Mmm." I hum into the phone, as i pull out my notebook and pen.

"Last night, you were on the phone with a complete stranger. When I shot off that gun though, you seemed truly worried. I belive you cried even?" Harry is saying this while I am opening to an open page.

"What's your question?" I say quietly into the phone.

"My question is, why?" Harry speaks quietly.

It takes the sound of Harry clearing his throat, for me to realize I have been silent for a good two minutes. If I was honest, I would've said that I didn't really know why I did it, but I guess I not because I say something else instead. 

"It's my job." My voice is almost at a whisper, making me wonder if he even heard me. 

When i hear no response from Harry, i conjure up some courage to ask him a question.

"Now let me ask you something, Mr. Styles." 

"Okay." He says.

"What kind of a problems, could you possibly have. I'm not saying you are Harry, but if you were, what could possibly be wrong with you?" 

Before I even get an answer, I hear a low chuckle. 

"That. That is my problem, everyone think that I'm okay. That i'm perfect and that nothing is wrong with me." 

My hand stops writing for a second and I begin to talk into the phone. "Have you ever talked to anyone about this. I mean before me?" 

"No one listens, ever."

I don't know what to say, so I do not reply. Instead I stare at the blank wall in front of me. 

"Maddy." It feels awkward hearing my name. "Maddy, tell me something you've read about me, besides the band, tell me one thing."

It takes me a moment, but I finally ring up a memory of a magazine I once read. "Harry Styles, Playboy." I mimic the headline I read. 

"Exactly. Do you think anyone thinks how I'll feel when I read that? My management, just thinks that I shrug it off like nothing. But it hurts."

My throat feels like it's on fire, and I cannot seem to say anything. 

"Do you belive me now?"

I cannot belive that I say, "Yes."

Maybe it's the tone of his voice, so vulnerable and lonely, but I do belive him. Damn, I guess I'm talking to Harry Styles. 

"I want to talk to you in person. If I'm gonna talk to someone, I want them to trust me. So I wanna meet. I know where the office is, reckon a visit?" 

The whole thing catches me off guard so I stutter as I answer. "I-I. I don't usually" I'm off by his voice.

"Great. See you tomorrow." Then the line goes dead.

   -   -   -

I don't spend much time in the office after the call, but I do take some minutes to answer some other people's calls. 

After I close up the office, I begin to walk back home. My journey home is faster than the previous night, but that does not stop me from thinking, I just talked to Harry Styles. 

When I get home it is ten minutes until midnight, and my eyes are drooping. No matter how late I sleep in, fatigue always wins around this time.

As I unlock the door I immediately notice something wrong. By the front door there are a pair of men's shoes. 

"The bloody hell." I whisper to myself. 

"LEXI!" I belt. 

If I wasnt completely angry as hell, I would've found it funny how fast Lexi jumped from her bed. Thankfully still in her undergarments. 

"You!" I yell while grabbing the male teenager by the feet. "You need to get out of here, or so help me I will kill you!" 

I am not lying when I say that the bloke splits in under a minute. 

I direct my eyes back to Lexi, who is standing awkwardly by her bed, covering herself with her quilt. 

I do not even have enough calm inside of me to speak to her. I give her a look of disgust and slam the door shut behind me as I exit. 

  - - -
Despite the events from the previous night, I wake up in a very good mood. Like any other girl would be, I am meeting Harry Styles tonight. 

It's a sunny saturday, and I smile as I stretch my body out under my blankets. My smiles fades as I remember what happened last night. "God, Lexi." I whisper to myself. 

I descend down the stairs and make my way into the kitchen, wearing a sports bra and shorts. Whilst I tie my hair up,
I see Lexi sitting at the breakfast bar. 

"Hey." She whispers. 

"What were you thinking? Is that Danny?" I don't hold back on the disgusted voice. 

"We didn't do anything, we just dazed off." Her voice cracking makes me belive her.

"This is not over. You best belive this is the first thing dad will hear when he gets back." I say sternly. 

She nods and goes back to eating her breakfast, as I turn and open the fridge. 

"You better eat that fast." I say as I pull out a water bottle and close the fridge. 

Lexi gives me a confused look. "Why?" 

"I just volunteered you to babysit the Jenson twins next door." I smirk. 

Before she can answer I exit the kitchen and grab my phone arm band from the table along with my earphones. 

"You're due in twenty minutes Lex." I yell as I walk out the door and smirk as I hear her huff.

    - - -

I started running back in my freshmen year of prep school. It makes me feel good and I keeps me in shape, also it gives me alone time with my thoughts and music. 

I don't run much before I come across a park and decide it is nice to run through. In the park I see so many trees, it makes my whole mood even brighter. 

I guess the park was made into a shortcut into the city, because before I know it I am running right into someone on the side-walk. 

I don't see exactly who it is because of the hoodie he is wearing. He keeps on walking and I am left standing there like an idiot rubbing my arm.

    - - -

After my super great run, I came home and decided I should jump in the shower. I'm really glad Mrs.Jenson decided to have a dinner date with her husband, that way I know Lexi will be over there untill late. 

That gives me a chance to focus on the problem on hand. What am I going to wear to meet Harry Styles.

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