The Hotline

"Do you think anyone would miss me?" A deep,raspy voice comes on the line, before I even say my name."Do you think anyone would care? If I pull the trigger of this gun, who would miss me?" I am startled by the sound of a gun being loaded. I am about to respond, when suddenly I hear a shot go off.


22. Chapter 22


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 “LEXI! LEXI!” I yell whilst kneeling in front of my closet, which is on the edge of looking like a hurricane hit.


I took my final exam three days ago and gotten the results that same day. Somehow even with everything that happened in these past few months I managed to pass all of my exams. It was now graduation morning and I had to be at the reception in three hours.




“What!” I jump when I hear her behind me and drop the shirt I had in my hand.


“Lexi, I don’t know what to wear!” I cry out and let my face fall to the floor and onto a pile of clothes.


“What do you mean? You had a whole outfit picked out last night!” She says as she comes down next to me on her knees and pats my back. We decided to come back to our actual house and to be completely honest we were expecting a full on war with our dad. However when we arrived there was no sign of him, we looked around the whole house before finally coming across a note under a magnet on the fridge. It read that he was out on business for a week but something in the way it was written told me that he hadn’t really expected us home.


After a few moments of just my crying sounding through my room, Lexi finally speaks up.


“This whole episode wouldn’t have anything to do with a certain boy inviting the rest of his band to graduation, would it?”


I nod my head into the clothes and I hear her snicker at me.


“Maddy! Are you seriously going to giver yourself an anxiety attack over a couple of annoying lads?” I laugh but continue to keep my head down as I shrug.


“Whose annoying?” I immediately lift my head up when I hear Harry’s voice in my room. I see him leaning up against my doorframe and my breathing increases in speed when I see his smile. I am the luckiest girl in the world.


“You and your annoying band.” Lexi fires and lifts her eyebrow up.


“Ouch Lexi. That hurts.” Harry mocks her and places his large right hand on his heart.


I wipe my face of tears and watch as he makes his way over to me. He kneels down in front of me and takes his fingers to delicately wipe the remaining makeup smudges off.

“I’m going to get ready mads.” Lexi disappears leaving Harry and I alone in my room. 


“Now tell me, what’s the matter?” I can’t seem to make a comprehendible sentence between my sobs, which in turn makes Harry look completely lost. His facial expression makes me giggle through my tears and I rest my head on his shoulder.


I try once again to tell him what’s going on: “I don’t know what to wear.”


I feel him literally let out such a large breath, that it surprises me that he was expecting something bigger to be wrong. I lean back and look him in the eyes but I don’t want another problem on my mind today, so I drop it.


“Well I can’t really help in that department. I’m rubbish at being a girl.” His joking mood makes me smile and I get up from the floor.


“But I know that you’ll look good in absolutely anything you wear.” The tenderness in his voice is something that I know only a few others and I share with Harry. He has so many bigger problems yet he chooses to be there for other people.


“And that’s a promise.” He says softly in my ear now that he is standing.


I can almost feel the atmosphere in my room change from stress to relief as I take a step closer to him, and place an ever so soft kiss to his lips. Following with another peck to his jawline and another right under his ear.


“Close the door.” I whisper and Harry’s eyes open and look down at me. A smart smirk is playing on his lips and I turn away from him waking to close my closet door. I hear the click of my own room door closing shut too, and I turn to see my boyfriend stalking towards me at an irritating slow pace.


I smile as he finally reaches me and places his large hands on my hips. His lips meet mine and at first I don’t pay much attention to my lack of kissing experience; focusing only on the softness of Harry’s lips and how they move in such synchronism with mine. My breathing begins to pick up and my room seems to have turned much warmer. I take my hands from Harry’s voice, which makes him whine against my mouth. I take my long, dark hair to one shoulder, keeping contact with him as he takes both his hands to the back of my thighs and lifts me up onto the dresser behind us.


“I think you should wear the dress you showed me last night.” Harry says as his lips leave mine and begin to dot soft kisses down my neck and onto my shoulder.


“You looked good.”


I don’t answer, leaning my head to the side slightly to give him more access.


“With those pretty strappy shoes, and those earrings that I like.” He keeps talking, which makes him lose touch with me.


“Harry stop talking.” I whimper.


“Yes ma’am.” He chuckles and makes his way back to my lips.


Suddenly there is a knock on the door and Lexi’s voice rings out.


“If you two aren’t busy, I’d really like to eat before the ceremony!”


I lean back, separating from Harry and smile at him. I take my bottom lip in between my teeth slightly.


“I think I’ll wear the dress I showed you last night.”


“Good idea.” Harry says smiling as he turns around motioning for me to get on his back from my dresser.


I jump on his back and he leads me to my bathroom, handing me a towel from the lien closet aside the door before saying: “I’ll wait for you out here.” He adds a wink before closing the door.




I finally finished getting ready and we headed out in Harry’s car. We haven’t really been all that cautious about anyone spotting us anymore, but Harry takes the long way to his place to be sure.


We arrive at his flat building and I fix my cap and gown before getting out. I hadn’t noticed when Harry had arrived at my house that he wasn’t dressed yet, so we all decided to come here and Harry would cook and get ready. We would all just leave together with the rest of the boys.


“Maddy!” I hear Liam shout out from the elevator as he holds the door we rush over to catch it.


“Hey! This is Lexi, Lexi this is Liam.” I introduce them and it seems that my sister has momentarily forgotten how to speak, because she simply keeps smiling.


“Ah the sister! Heard a lot about you.” Liam smiles as the lift door closes.


“Maddy you look absolutely stunning in your cap and gown.” I smile at Liam’s comment and thank him as we file out on Harry’s floor.


“I’ll see you all in an hour so we can leave. Are we driving separate ways?” Liam asks Harry from the lift and Harry shrugs.


“Okay well, I’ll see you all in a bit then.” 

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