Five Boys meet Five Girls- One Direction Fan Fiction

One Direction are the biggest boyband in the world. From starting off small on the X Factor, to becoming worldwide known and being the biggest ever boyband in the world!

Meet Natalie Houston, Lilliana Turner, Lydia Price, Zoe Martin and Hailey Stuart. They are best friends and they all love One Direction. They are even in their own band 'Wingbeat' and are looking for a point in Stardom.

They finally get the oppurtunity and grasp it quickly, and find out that they are working with the same management as One Direction!! And their biggest surprise yet, is when they are told they are the girl version of One Direction, a dream come true!

Being told to collaborate, will the girls and boys get along? Will relationships spring up? And will the girls' dreams come true?


8. The Visitor

Helllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wonderful people! How are you all? Sorry I haven't updated much, but here's the next chapter. Oh and I might start doing point of views of the characters, if you would like that.


A week after Wingbeat won with their performance at the Charity concert, the five girls were in Joe's office, since they were meant to be having a visitor that day. "Who do you think the visitor will be?" asked Lydia, looking at her band mates.

Zoe shrugged, smoothing down her long black hair with her hands. "I guess it must be someone quite important, because when Joe let us in earlier, he looked kind of, nervous? I guess you can call it that."

"True." agreed Lydia, "But I have no idea who it could be." For a while they sat in silence, and you could hear the clock ticking in the background, as time ticked by whilst they waited for the visitor to arrive.

Sometime later Lilliana decided to speak up and say something to the others.

"Speaking of Joe, where is he?" asked Lilliana, looking around the office, "He was here a little while ago." Just at that moment, he walked back into the room, wearing a nervous smile on his face and he cleared his throat.

"Uhm, girls."

Lilliana turned round her swivel chair to face Joe, and gasped when she saw who was behind him.



Simon Cowell.






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